September Co-op Meeting – Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative


September Co-op Meeting – Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative

On September 20th, the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative (STEM Co-op) convened virtually.

The Co-op was pleased to welcome Dr. Patricia Allen from the Institute for the Study of Resilience in Youth (ISRY) to present on ISRY’s STEM Family Engagement Toolkit. Dr. Allen introduced the CARE framework for engaging with families, with which organizations can make sure to Connect with families, help families Act with hands-on STEM activities, use Reflective practices to deepen awareness, and Empower youth and families to shape their own STEM experiences.

Additionally, the Co-op welcomed Dr. Jennifer Iriti from the STEM Push Network to present on the Network’s data-driven and network-focused approach to implementing change. The STEM Push Network intends to increase both the rate of Black and Brown Pre-College STEM Program student admission and persistence in STEM undergraduate study. The Network utilizes a variety of tools and strategies to accomplish this, both locally in Chicago and on a national scale. Please view the presentation linked below for more information and examples of its work in Chicago.

Continuing a conversation from August’s convening, attendees also discussed the organization and functions of the Co-op. If you were not able to attend, members helped guide the future of the Co-op last month through discussion surrounding various priorities and followed up this month by filling out the below Co-op Priorities Form. If you missed the meeting, please add your voice to the conversation by filling out the form.

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