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Last week, merger talks for Paramount Global heated up, with reports that the media company that produces and controls the Star Trek franchise had entered into exclusive talks with Skydance Media. One of the big questions has been how such a deal would impact Paramount+, home to original Star Trek programming. Now a picture of a possible future for the streaming service is starting to emerge.

Skydance wants to keep Paramount+

When the first reports about Paramount Global potentially being sold or merged started in December, industry analysts suggested Paramount+ might not survive the corporate shake-up. While Paramount has seen consistent growth with its streaming service, it has yet to turn a profit. However, now that Skydance Media is in exclusive talks to take over Paramount, they are apparently planning on keeping Paramount+, but will make some changes. The New York Times reports “The plan calls for Skydance to supercharge Paramount’s streaming capabilities, improving personalization with better algorithmic recommendations and making it more efficient through better deals with data providers.”

According to the same report, the post-Skydance/Paramount merger plan would call for teaming up with another major media company for a streaming joint venture in the USA. A new report in Bloomberg confirms Skydance wants to “preserve the Paramount+ streaming service and explore merging it with a peer, such as Peacock or Max.” A deal with Amazon Prime Video has also been considered, according to Bloomberg. Earlier this year, it was reported that Paramount had opened up discussions with Comcast to merge Paramount+ with their Peacock streaming service. The companies already operate the SkyShowtime joint venture in several markets in Europe.

A merged Paramount+/Peacock streaming service could be a winner, according to new consumer research reported today by Variety, 45% of US consumers say they would be interested in such a bundle. Analysis from consulting firm FTI Delta estimates a bundled service could bring in $1 Billion more than the current combined annual revenue of both services.

So if the deal with Skydance happens, it looks like some version of Paramount+ will survive. This would likely continue to be the primary home for original Star Trek television. Being part of a larger service could help ensure funding for more seasons and new Trek series and streaming movies as well.

Of course, none of this is finalized. The first step is for Skydance and Paramount Global to agree to a deal, and any such deal would have to be approved by shareholders, which could be tricky as the Skydance deal being contemplated is a rather complicated 2-step process. There would also be scrutiny from regulators as well.

This is a developing story, and TrekMovie will continue to monitor the latest business news and what it means for Star Trek fans.

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