STEM Teacher | 5 Things You Need to Know


STEM Teacher | 5 Things You Need to Know

Love STEM but have your heart set on being a teacher? Put the two together for the ultimate career mashup!

Being a STEM teacher is a brilliant career path to take. Not only do you get to share your passion for STEM each and every day, but you also get to help others find the joy in it as well. Below are five things to keep in mind as your embark on your STEM + education journey.

1. You’ll be in demand

There’s a huge need for maths and science teachers in Australian high schools. In fact, the State of Our Schools surveys from the Australian Education Union have found maths and science classes are being taught by teachers untrained in those subjects in more than half of schools nationwide. Plus, if you’re open to taking your skills to the country, you’ll find even greater demand for STEM teachers in regional and remote areas, maximising your job opportunities.

Find even more reasons to teach STEM here.

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2. You’ll be a STEM role model

Jessica Galpin, STEM teacher

Talking all day, every day about the benefits of STEM? Sounds like a dream job to us! STEM teacher Jessica Galpin is using her role at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School to encourage her all-female students to choose STEM – and stick with it. And with women currently only making up around 28% of the STEM workforce, it’s a pretty big – and important – job to tackle. 

“Women make up half the population,” she stresses. “Their absence in STEM means half the potential innovation, quality and perspective in these fields disappear – a big loss of knowledge.”

Check out Jessica’s awesome study and career path!

3. Getting across augmented reality (AR) could put you ahead of the game

AR skills have always been attractive to next-gen employers – but teachers are now using the tech in class with game-changing results.

Researcher and Deakin University PhD candidate Manjeet Singh Usma takes us through the benefits of getting skilled up in AR and the clever ways it’s being introduced in classrooms over here.

4. You’ll be helping to build a better future

The STEM industry is booming. Australia needs more STEM pros and has some pretty big goals to reach by 2030. The Tech Council of Australia is aiming to have 1.2 million people in tech-related jobs by then, and our space sector wants to create up to 20,000 new jobs by that time too. However, only 22% of high school students (and 8% of females) are choosing STEM degrees or courses. This is where you come in. With your passion for STEM, you’ll be raising awareness and smashing stereotypes about who belongs in science, technology, engineering and maths.

5. You could become a YouTuber

Just take Eddie Woo for example! Okay, okay… So you might not reach the dazzling heights of 1.64 million subscribers like Eddie has, but you can definitely have fun and bring creativity into the way you communicate STEM to your students and the world. That could be through YouTube videos, a podcast, a blog or an e-newsletter. Finding fresh and relevant ways to bring STEM into the lives of your students can really help them connect with it – then hopefully they’ll want to pursue an amazing career in it.

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