Summer STEM Career Exploration Made EASY!


Summer STEM Career Exploration Made EASY!

I hope this post finds you well, and that you are gearing up for an exciting summer! Did you know that this upcoming summer is the perfect time for STEM career exploration?! It’s true! In the summer months students have more time to explore, discover, and get involved in career exploration initiatives over summer break. Thus I urge you to leverage this critical time to help your students build a future they love 😊 If you are looking for EFFORTLESS ways to do so, here’s how I can help!


Quick Start STEM Career Exploration Kit: If you don’t have this already, download free at This Kit has lots of free STEM career exploration resources to help you get started such as a ‘why STEM careers’ presentation, a career exploration graphic organizer, program assessment tool, and lots more. These are fast, easy, click and go resources that would be a great fit for intro type activities for any summer program.


STEM Career Exploration Games Bundle $19.95 As a teacher I always found games to be the best way to get students excited about STEM and begin exploring related careers. This bundle includes a good variety and lots of fun – STEM career taboo, surrounded by STEM game, STEM career Jenga, and much more!

STEM Career Challenges – $4.99 & up These challenges are the perfect way to launch your summer program with something to match every STEM interest – medical, cybersecurity, video game design, architecture, astronomy, cosmetology, and much more!

National Parks STEM Activity Packs – $2.75 Take a virtual field trip and do hands-on STEM activities to explore America’s National Parks this summer! Each lesson focuses on a specific STEM theme that directly relates to the unique aspects of each National Park such as civil engineering, wildlife conservation, and ecology. Students will use GoogleEarth for mapping practice in each lesson, watch a video to see the STEM behind the park, try hands-on activities related to the theme of each National Park, and explore a STEM career that relates.


The world’s easiest online STEM career exploration system! Over 200 STEM career profiles, hands on career exploration activities, $500 summer scholarship contest, digital resume building tool, and much more. See more and help your teens discover their future STEM career, today at


Bootcamp is a ten-week hybrid mentoring program where your staff is trained to provide one-on-one career coaching and mentoring to students in your program. The primary goal of these career coaching sessions is to help students take the first steps towards their future STEM career through the planning and implementation of a Personal Passion Project (PPPs). A game-based incentive system is woven throughout to help students stay motivated and develop employment potential…plus a $500 scholarship! MORE INFO HERE

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