SWTOR Shae Vizla Server Move Prep List


Soon, with the release of SWTOR Update 7.4.1, we’ll all be able to transfer characters to the new SWTOR Shae Vizla server in APAC. Yay!

We’ll be able to enjoy our legacy perks and achievements from our prior gameplay, save a bunch of time and effort, and benefit from the improved quality of in-game life that those benefits entail.

However, since we’ll be limited as to the amount of credits we can bring, (only $15 million per character at this writing), in order to truly benefit with minimal inconvenience or delay, we should plan our transfers carefully, particularly as regards credit spending management.

The purpose of this list is to provide suggestions for maximizing credit retention for transferring a character to the Shae Vizla server. It focuses on the following:

  1. Unlocking items that cost credits before transferring your character; and,
  2. Purchasing and stocking up on items that cost credits before transferring your character.

So, the TLDR is:

  1. Select the character you intend to transfer;
  2. Unlock anything that costs credits on that character BEFORE you transfer the character (character legacy perks, stronghold unlocks, crafting schematics on trainers, etc.);
  3. Unlock, anything that isn’t unlocked ACCOUNT WIDE – i.e. anything that’s legacy only and costs credits;
  4. Purchase, craft, and generally stock up on things that cost credits (decos, mats, rep items, etc.);
  5. Keep all items in inventory or cargo hold (NOT legacy hold) so they move with your character;*
  6. Repeat A – E for each character you intend to transfer as needed.

For those of us who’ve been playing for a while and have Legacy Level 50, or close to it, and a bunch of credits, there are many credit-costing things that we may take for granted. 

If you’ve played on Shae Vizla pre-transfer, you know what I mean. Try it, if you haven’t yet, to get an idea of how to prepare and discover what is missing from your normal play style.

This list attempts to catalog those items so we can be as prepared as possible before transferring our characters in order to keep that $15 million free, clear and available to spend and not wasted on things we could have taken with us.

With that said, here’s the list. Note that it’s subject to change, is not exhaustive and you may think of things I haven’t.

Here we go.

Shae Vizla Move Prep List

Character Perk Unlocks

These are found in your Legacy Panel using the Y keyboard shortcut (unless you’ve re-mapped it) under “Character Perks”. This is not a complete list but is a good one to get you started. Swotorista has a complete list in her Legacy Unlocks Guide here.

XP Boosts (Class Mission, Space Mission, Starfighter, Exploration, Warzone) Convenience Unlocks (Droids, Legacy, Cargo Holds)
Speeder Piloting Boost Companion Unlocks (Crafting, Persuasion, Sale Speed, HK, Treek, etc.)
Priority Transport Locations (Fleet, Assorted Planets) Time & Travel Reductions (Quick Travel, Improved Mounting, Rocket Boost, etc.)
Ship Unlocks (legacy bank, guild bank, GTN, training dummies) Valor Unlocks, Tactical Markers, GSF Companions

Other Unlocks & Character Capabilities to Purchase

Inventory, Legacy Bank & Cargo Hold Row & Tab Unlocks

Crafting Schematics on Crafting Trainers

Crafting Schematics on Rep Vendors

Level Crafting to Max Level to Save Credits on Cost

Outfit Designer Stamping

Crafting & Related Items & Tasks

Craft Augments; Item Modifications; Dyes; etc.

Run Gathering Missions; 

Buy & Craft Mats Copiously & KEEP IN INVENTORY – Do not deposit them in your mats area.

Buy Compendiums

Flagship Plans for Guild Ship

War Supplies – KEEP IN INVENTORY – Do not deposit them in your mats area.

Assembly Components – KEEP IN INVENTORY – Do not deposit them in your mats area.

Buy, Craft, Stockpile:

Dark Projects, Encryptions for Guild Ship, Universal Prefabs, Heroic Mission Crates (unopened), Jawa Junk

Ship Armor, Dyes, Rep Boosts, Login Rewards, Rampage Boosts, Conquest Rewards

Keep the login reward legacy-bound credit tokens to take with you as items. Then click them on the new server for more credits.*

Items to Purchase & Take With

Reputation Gear, Items from Rep Vendors (remember to get these on the moving character since they’re usually bind on pickup) – Rhunuk, Voss (both areas), Fleet Rep Vendors, All Rep Planets

Rep Decorations – KEEP IN INVENTORY – Do not click to unlock them.

Fleet Vendor Items (gear, decorations, etc.)

Stronghold Decorations – KEEP IN INVENTORY – Do not click to unlock them.

GTN Items you’ve been wanting

Planetary Vendor Items (Taun Tauns, etc.)

Event Prizes – Rodian, Vehicles, Toys

Currencies (KDY, Manaan, etc.)

XP Boosts


Leveling / Raiding / PVP Gear – Upgrade as far as you can

Leveling / Raiding / PVP Mods (Hyde & Zeke Mods)

Victorious Pioneer Armor if your character is below level 76

Items of Value to Sell on the GTN (Decos, Armor, Dyes, Crafting Mats, Item Modifications, Crystals, etc.)

The above is by no means a complete detailed list. But it should help get you on the road to putting together your own list and remind you of some things you may not have considered. 

REMEMBER to KEEP CLICKABLE ITEMS in your inventory or personal cargo hold.  Do not click to unlock them until after you’ve transferred your character.

The good news is that subscribers will have 30 days to test & see what they need before the 16 free character transfer opportunity runs out. And everyone else will have 90 days to transfer for 500 or 1000 CCs. That should be plenty of time to complete your list and get everything moved that you need to.


*P.S. I don’t know if the same transfer status of inventory & personal cargo will apply as they haven’t given full details yet, and they have stated that this character transfer will be different. Assuming that inventory and personal cargo hold items will move with your character as per normal, this should work. Test 1 character & see.

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