Telosians – Human Extraterrestrial Race


Telosians – Human Extraterrestrial Race

Physical Characteristics

Telosians - Human Extraterrestrial Race

While the Telosians share a striking resemblance to Earth humans, their physical characteristics boast a notable divergence, marking them as a distinct and intriguing species. At first glance, one might find it challenging to distinguish Telosians from their surface-dwelling counterparts, but a closer examination reveals distinctive features that set them apart.

The most conspicuous variation lies in their stature. Telosians, on average are taller and broader than typical Earth humans. This increased height and physical robustness contribute to an overall imposing yet graceful presence. The additional height may be a manifestation of the unique environmental conditions within the subterranean city of Telos, where these beings have evolved over millennia.

Beyond their heightened stature, Telosians exhibit a harmonious blend of human-like features. They possess a range of skin tones, hair colors and eye hues, mirroring the diversity found on the Earth’s surface. This similarity serves as a testament to the shared ancestry between Telosians and surface humans, suggesting a common evolutionary origin that diverged over the course of their respective histories.

Telosian physiology, while sharing essential commonalities with Earth humans, may also reveal subtle enhancements that contribute to their adaptability in the subterranean environment. It is conceivable that their bodies have evolved to efficiently utilize the unique energies present within the Earth’s crust, allowing them to thrive in conditions that might be challenging for surface dwellers.

Despite these differences, Telosians embody a certain timeless and ageless quality. Their physical appearance reflects a state of vibrant health, suggesting a longevity and vitality beyond what is commonly observed on the surface. This may be indicative of advanced healing abilities or a slowed aging process, features that contribute to the overall well-being of the Telosian population.

Universal Origin

Telosians the ancient civilization beneath Mount Shasta

Telos is an ancient Lemurian colony that relocated one mile beneath Mount Shasta in Northern California before its destruction. The city of Telos is the capital of the Agarthan Network and home to 1.5 million people. Its sister city, Catharia, is beneath the Aegean Sea. Telos is governed by an Ascended Master Council of Twelve: Six males and Six females.

Adama oversees Telos as high priest of Melchizedek. He is an Ascended Master, and has full knowledge and cognition of the reality and truth of the Universe as all Ascended Masters do. He is a walking encyclopedia on all subjects, as all Ascended Masters are and he is a master spiritual advisor to the people living in Telos.

Belief System

Telosians - Agartha Belief System of the Cosmic Law of One

Telosians believe in the Cosmic Law of One. They work directly with the Melchizedek Priesthood—master teachers, universal scholars versed on all subjects. Telosians see God as the Source of all Creation.

This divine source individualized itself into components of itself, and sent them out into the Creation to experience love in all diversified forms. They say Earth’s surface dwellers experience sickness and pain because of our separation (dualistic nature) from God.

Cosmic Agenda

The Cosmic Agenda of Telosians and the underground dark civilizations

As members of the Galacterian Alignment, Telosians wish to share information on attaining advanced consciousness, allocating tools to prepare us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When our consciousness shifts on Earth’s surface, their civilization will come up and serve as guides into the new age of awareness.

There will then be a sort of citizen exchange, where some of their civilization will come live on the surface, while some surface dwellers will be invited to live in Telos or another part of Agartha. Teleosians confirm there are dark civilizations that thrive underground as well, such as Greys and Reptilians. They are working to combat these groups for the benefit of all of Agartha, as well as for our benefit. So far, they seem to be winning.


The Technology of Telosians

Telos amino-based computer systems are organic entities at the avatar or fully conscious level and therefore cannot be corrupted. The computers are able to read one’s past life records and single out lessons learned, identify lessons in progress and determine what needs work for personal growth.

Their silver fleets are discus-shaped craft that venture out into Earth’s atmosphere to survey the world using amino-based organic computers that are linked throughout the solar systems in our galaxy and the Agarthan Network. The readouts are fed to their entire fleet, those in command of Earth operations, as well as the Galacterian Alignment for processing and consultation.

Electromagnetic vehicles are used for travel within cities, and electromagnetic bullet-trains when traveling to other underground cities. All vehicles levitate a few inches off the ground. The sun in Telos is a crystal brought from another world that will burn for one million years. It regulates a perfect daily temperature of 70 to 75 degrees.

The polar openings at the north and south poles are protected from thisand-otherworldly unwanted visitors by a magnetic force field and camouflaged with cloud covering. Telosian homes are round and made from a crystal stone that emits light. It’s like a one-way mirror; you can see out, but not in. They use crystal light technology to illuminate tunnels and caverns. They can cure any illness and replace limbs or organs by using the body’s etheric blueprint.

Consciousness Abilities

The Consciousness Abilities of Telosians

Telosians are fully conscious, sovereign and telepathic beings. Besides verbal speech, Telosians transcend the limitations of verbal speech, engaging in a profound form of interaction known as the ‘language of light. The sovereignty of Telosians is a testament to their individual autonomy and self-governance.

They operate from a place of self-mastery, free from external influences that might compromise their integrity. This sovereignty empowers them to make decisions aligned with the greater good and the harmony of their community.

The ‘language of light’ employed by Telosians is a unique and ethereal mode of communication. It transcends linguistic barriers, relying on the vibrational frequency of light to convey intricate meanings and emotions. This form of communication is not only efficient but also carries a profound energetic resonance, fostering a deeper understanding between individuals.

Dimensional Capacity

The Technology of Telosians

According to the wisdom held by the Agartha Network Councils, Earth is poised for a transformative journey into the fifth dimension, a monumental shift in dimensional capacity. This cosmic transition is not merely a speculative notion but a part of a grander plan orchestrated by the Universal Spiritual Hierarchy to accelerate humanity’s ascension.

The concept of dimensional capacity refers to the vibrational frequency or level of consciousness that a planetary body, such as Earth, can inhabit. The Earth, as we know it, currently resides in the third dimension, characterized by a certain set of physical laws, limitations and perceptual boundaries. However, the revelations from the Agartha Network Councils suggest a profound metamorphosis in progress.

The imminent shift into the fifth dimension implies a transcendence of the constraints of the fourth dimension. According to this cosmic perspective, the fourth dimension is slated for removal by the Universal Spiritual Hierarchy. This removal is not a punitive measure but rather a strategic dismantling to facilitate the Earth’s progression into a higher state of being.

The accelerated ascension plan, guided by this higher spiritual authority, underscores the urgency of this dimensional transition. It signifies a collective evolution in consciousness for humanity, aligning with the cosmic currents of change. As the fourth dimension dissolves, the Earth is set to bypass it entirely, entering the fifth dimension where a new set of cosmic principles, energies and potentials come into play.

This shift goes beyond the physical realm, encompassing a multidimensional renaissance that involves the expansion of human consciousness. In the fifth dimension, there is believed to be a heightened sense of interconnectedness, unity, and a more direct experience of the divine. It opens the door to a reality where love, compassion and spiritual understanding become the guiding forces in human interactions.

Saint Germaine and the I AM Teachings

In 1930, while hiking Mount Shasta in Northern California, Guy W. Ballard met Ascended Master Saint Germaine. It was through Saint Germaine’s assistance that Ballard created a series of books on the Mighty I AM Presence (the God in you), a way to make contact with the Forces of Light.

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