The Alien TV series will ignore the Alien prequels and change the Xenomorph origins!


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PraetorianMember4251 XPJan-23-2024 10:37 AM

The xenomorph has always been an engineered organism, Hawley is a dumb ass


XenomorphMember1330 XPJan-23-2024 1:08 PM


Yeah, I’m glad this is only a TV series, not a movie.

The Xeno is an engineered disfigurement of a human. I don’t expect to find humanoid shapes in deep space. That would be more astonishing than the monster.


EngineerAdmin23296 XPJan-24-2024 1:31 PM

The Xenomorph to me, always represented the corruption of life and Godly creations, the way it entered a host, ate them alive from the inside until it gained enough power to burst its way from within, leaving a lifeless corpse behind and the host “reborn” as this physical embodiment of some demon-like corrupted organism, like a manifestation of evil in physical form.

I thought Prometheus did the right thing, making us assume the Engineers were studying the Xenomorph and its properties to reverse engineer its abilities into a bioweapon. Covenant alluded more to the concept that the Xenomorph was created as a bioweapon which I also don’t like the idea of.

There’s SO much they can do with the Alien origins, part of its mystery resides in its unknowns, much like the Space Jockey and its crashed ship. I hope they take the Alien back to this unknown thing but don’t make it some primitive organism discovered in deep space. I much prefer the deeper concepts surrounding its creation, evolution and purpose.

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1215 XPJan-24-2024 2:00 PM

If Noah was referring to the “David created the Xenomorphs” statement, that was debunked in Alien the roleplaying game where it stated that David created his own Xenomorph variant in an attempt to recreate the perfect organism, and the Xenomorphs existed long ago.

The way I see it, Xenomorph-like organisms like Neomorphs or Deacons are naturally occurring organisms that existed for billions of years, and the classic biomechanical Xenomorphs are weaponized, improved versions by Engineers. 


XenomorphMember1330 XPJan-24-2024 2:13 PM

Yeah, nice Chris. That works for me!

We could always ask: Did the Engineers create the black goo or did they find it on their travels? Maybe they are brainless morons and are just being boosted with found alien tech.

If we ‘humanize’ the Engineers and bring them down to our level ( not such Godlike stature ), that would work better…..They fear the birth of the Xenomorph and the ‘old ones’ as much as we do. 

Where’s BigDave? He is good at these deep dives.


NeomorphMember1691 XPJan-25-2024 1:31 AM

Yes please! F that android made the Xeno thing. I would like it to be older, and maybe done by the SJ or something that the SJ found and developed. If they will kick out what the prequels established about the Xeno, the better.

“… it does unfortunately derail the canonical efforts Ridley Scott made with his prequel films which never got to properly culminate. “

Those were not very well executed anyway, they can do better.


FacehuggerMember402 XPJan-25-2024 9:10 AM

I am buying the retro thing. Alien universe still has so much to explore without needing the futuristic technology as in Prometheus and Covenant. Alien Isolation is a good example. But I do hope they stick to the official timeline. I still want the tv show connects with Ripley universe, even remotely. 


PraetorianMember4251 XPJan-25-2024 10:01 AM

Still Scott said before making prometheus that the xenomorphs were bioweapons but I will accept that the Neomorphs are a natural occurring organism if they weren’t already products of the black goo, maybe if they had gone down the Beluga-Xenomorph route? Since the Beluga -Xenomorph WAS the natural form of the xenomorph, before being replaced by the semi-weaponized neomorph.

Also why can’t the Engineers invented the black goo? There is no canonical evidence that suggests the Engineers didn’t invent it, i mean that would be like saying Humans didn’t invent the car we merely found them left over from the dinosaurs. I just realized this is a copy-paste of the age old question about the xenomorph eggs.


EngineerAdmin23296 XPFeb-01-2024 12:25 PM

Agree with Jonesy, I’m a big fan of the retro aesthetic but I just hope they stick to the established timeline.

I also never subscribed to the notion that David created the Xenomorph, as Dark Nebula pointed out, David merely created a variant of the Xenomorph, not the OG, so the concept remains untapped in terms of Xenomorph origins. Frankly I’m okay if we never learn of its true origins and it remains a nightmarish mystery. 

That being said Noah Hawley did mention exploring the Alien life cycle more… so perhaps new aspects of that process will be explored – which I’m open to.

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