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The Eagle Obsession – Documentary

From the website:

The Eagle Obsession has been filming since mid-2023. Now, you can help us complete the journey.

The project is a fun and visually-stunning feature-length documentary that follows Writer / Director Jeffrey Morris as he embarks on an engaging personal journey to explore the origins and enduring love of the iconic Eagle Transporter from the legendary British sci-fi series Space: 1999.

Simultaneously, he takes viewers back to the unforgettable trailblazing era when people walked on Moon—both in real life and in science fiction—while also providing a glimpse into our exciting future in space.

To date, the production has filmed engaging interviews in the United States, Canada, England, and Denmark. In addition to recreating spectacular visual effects shots of the Eagle and key locations from Space: 1999, the producers have financed and supervised a 100%-accurate reconstruction of the legendary Eagle Cockpit at Pinewood Studios in London.

At present, The Eagle Obsession is targeted for a limited theatrical debut in late 2025 followed by an exclusive distribution via a top-tier streaming service.

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