The “Chinese Spy Balloon” of February 2023



The “Chinese Spy
Balloon” of February 2023

Regarding the international
incident of the observation and tracking of a Chinese reconnaissance balloon
over the USA in February 2023, it can be noted that several CADORS incident
reports during the past 20 years involved high altitude balloons in Canadian
airspace reported by pilots.

In 2022, for example,
CADORS incident report 2022A0621 concerned a large balloon seen on July 5,
2022, over New Brunswick. That evening, the pilot of an 
American Airlines Boeing
787-8 from Chicago/O’Hare, IL (KORD) to Rome, Italy (LIRF) reported seeing “…a
large white balloon with an attached box and long tail at about FL400 (40,000
feet). They could not tell if the balloon was ascending, descending or in level

Years earlier, on March
24, 2015, a WestJet Boeing 737 flying from Halifax, NS (CYHZ) to Toronto, ON
(CYYZ) descending through 14,000 feet reported an object passing very close to
the left side of the aircraft, according to CADORS 2015O0488.

And CADORS 2011O0806, on
April 10, 2011, over Chatham, Ontario, when NAV CANADA staff at Toronto ACC
were advised by the crew of AAL488 (heading eastbound, descending to 24,000
feet) that they had passed a very large, yellow balloon at 28,000 feet.

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