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At the R.A.S. Club on Friday I was presented with the latest edition of the Club Records which covers the last 40 years; the Club itself began in 1820. Friday’s dinner was No. 1571, and there are five volumes of records containing lists of everyone who attended each dinner along with descriptions of notable events and a diagram showing who sat next to whom. I only just got the book because pandemic travel restrictions and other matters prevented me from dining much recently.

For the record, I was elected to the Club at the Parish Dinner on 11th January 2008 (Dinner No. 1448) but wasn’t able to dine until October that year (Dinner No. 1453). According to the records I have now dined 60 times (including last Friday). I wonder if I’ll make it to 100?

Anyway, here is a selection of pictures taken at Club Dinners past with various other members:

These pictures remind me that I should perhaps consider wearing some different ties in future!

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