The Dorsay Predators – Exploring the Dark Legacy of Ottora and the Tunguska Incident


The Dorsay Predators of Ottora

“Dursa-y” (or Dorsay) originate from the Cassiopeia constellation, where they have two home planets in two close-by star systems: Ottora and Endelemen-Nyada. With a maximum height of 5.3 ft (1.6 meters), Dursai are small “greys” with a batrachian face and big dark eyes. They are a highly advanced pacifist civilization, part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Their race is at least 4 billion years old.

Opportunistic Predators

Despite their advanced nature, Dorsay are opportunistic and known for their predatory behavior. They have visited Earth at least 250 times and engage in activities such as hunting. They consume other alien races as well as humans, making them a dangerous malevolent threat. Although they prefer not to get involved in ongoing wars, their hunting activities often lead to conflicts with other civilizations.

The Tunguska Incident in 1908

Dorsay ships are described as flat, discoidal and metallic white. They were involved in a significant incident on Earth known as the Tunguska explosion event in 1908. The explosion was the result of a conflict between the Dorsay and the Maytrei over a shipment of slaves stolen by the Dorsay. Despite attempts by other galactic factions to intervene, the conflict escalated, leading to the destruction of a Pleiadean cargo ship and an Elmanuk vessel. The catastrophic event serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by the predatory nature of the Dorsay.

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