The Egaroth – Ancient Ethereal Spiritual Beings from the Alnilam System


Alnilam: The Zagara Star System

Alnilam, also known as Zagara, is the central supergiant star in the Orion Belt, situated approximately 2000 light-years away from Terra. The Egaroth, an ancient race and culture, originate from the Meissa star system and are closely associated with Alnilam.

The Egaroth

The Egaroth are revered as archetypal Orion elders, characterized by their tall stature, pale skin and large skull. They possess a serene wisdom and are highly spiritual beings, not driven by conquest but by a quest for knowledge and balance. Before the rise of the Orion Empire, the Egaroth civilization flourished across multiple worlds in the Orion zone.

They are ethereal beings, with pale brown to pale grey skin and magnificent indigo eyes. Their spiritual prowess enables them to materialize up to the 9th density. As hermaphrodites, they have the ability to polarize when choosing to mate, a reflection of their deep connection to the universal energies.

Meissa: The Daro Star System

Meissa, also known as Daro, is the star system where the planet Darias serves as the home for the Daron Egaroth. Originating from the original Egaroth race, the Daron Egaroth fled to escape the onslaught of the Orion Empire, establishing colonies in various systems, including Zagara.

Daron Egaroth

The Daron Egaroth are ancient spiritual beings who have ascended to higher densities to protect their civilization from the Orion and Ciakahrr empires. They possess the rare ability of shape-shifting and travel in etheric interdimensional vessels. Dedicated to maintaining universal balance, they work tirelessly alongside the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Their ships exhibit geometrical shapes such as diamonds, lozenges and Merkabah, symbolizing their profound understanding of cosmic energies.

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