The Grimoire of Curses: A Compendium for 5E


The Grimoire of Curses: A Compendium for 5E


Delve into the heart of darkness with The Grimoire of Curses, a 5E compendium featuring well over 300 pages of content on the theme of curses and afflictions. This includes:

10 new backgrounds for haunted characters;

10 cursed races such as lycanthropes, revenants, and vampires, along with special rules and guidelines to handle these dark transformations and metamorphoses within your games;

Over 50 feats;

A collection of 40+ cursed magic items for your adventures;

A vast collection of curses (complete with ingredients, guidelines, and effects);

The Death Knight class, complete with 3 Dark Traditions;

15 subclasses;

Over 75 new spells;

Over 70 monster statblocks, ranging from CR1/8 to CR30, all complete with Knowledge checks, variant traits, lairs, monster tactics, and designer’s notes (along with detailed descriptions and artworks for each creature). This includes new statblocks for hags, swarms of undead, vampires, and a treasure trove of new creatures;



A new cursed condition;

Rules and guidelines to add unique curses to already-existing magic items;

Campaign ideas revolving around the content presented within the compendium;

Different d100 tables for cursed trinkets and locations, plot hookscursed rituals, and others;

Additional resources;

And more!


The Grimoire of Curses: A Compendium for 5E is available now here at DriveThruRPG


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