The Orange Orb: UFOs, Forteana, Dreams, and More . . .: Kitchen Fairy Strikes Again: Missing (and found?) Fork



 In the past I’ve posted about weird episodes of missing items in this house, particularly in the kitchen. We had a fancy fork we both liked, nothing expensive or anything, just a cool looking fork. About a month ago it went missing. We looked everywhere for it. How could a fork just disappear? But it was gone. 

Last night, while cooking dinner (okay, putting a frozen pizza in the oven) I mentally called out to the Kitchen Fairy, as we have taken to calling the energy that makes things disappear, that I want my fork back. 

This morning, I needed a paper bag. I go into the bottom drawer and take out a folded paper bag that’s been in the drawer forever. I open the folded bag, and there is a fork. But not the fancy fork, just a plain ol’ fork. How did a fork get placed into a folded paper bag that has been kept in the cupboard for ages? I had the feeling the Kitchen Fairy was messing with me.


House fairies, etc. often take items, exchange items, find items from and for humans. Google “fairies and missing items” and there is all kinds of information on fairy lore and missing items. 

I will try making an offering to the Kitchen Fairy  and see what develops.

And that’s the story of the Case of the Missing Fancy Fork.

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