The Pentagon is Lying About UFOs


“In a case resolution report published last week, the Pentagon’s
UFO analysis office
concluded with “moderate” confidence that the object observed by the pilot
was a balloon, likely “a large commercial lighting balloon.”

This so-called explanation insults the intelligence of any reader who
takes a few moments to review the details of the incident.”


     More recently,
the Pentagon
released a congressionally-mandated review of U.S. government
involvement with UFOs. The report, which is riddled with basic factual
errors, omissions and a laundry list of historical distortions, leaves
much to be desired. Christopher Mellon, the Department of Defense’s
former top civilian intelligence official, took the UFO office to task
in a scathing, 16,000-word analysis of the report.

By Marik von Rennenkampff
The Hill


The Pentagon’s egregious misrepresentation of this analysis is of like kind
with its so-called explanation for the Eglin Air Force Base incident. In
short, the decades-long “nothing-to-see-here” approach to UFOs continues,

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