The T-Marhu Taal – Governance Hub of the Ashaaru System


Governance and Environment of T-Marhu Taal

T-Marhu Taal, the third planet orbiting the Ashaaru system located in the Pleiades star cluster, serves as the administrative center for the region. Despite being smaller than Erra, it boasts a thriving population and lush natural landscapes. The T-Marhu, descendants of the Taal colony from Omankhera, play a pivotal role in governing this world.

Founding and Governance

Following the escape of the complete Taal royal family to the Orion district, T-mar witnessed the emergence of a new government. Formed through the union of a female royal descendant and a military hero, this administration took charge of guiding the T-marhu society forward.

Distinct Traits and Vulnerabilities

While closely related to the Ahil, the T-mari exhibit differences, particularly in their dietary habits. As omnivores, they consume flesh, which poses challenges in elevating their frequency to higher densities. This susceptibility leaves them more vulnerable to lower frequency races like reptilians and greys. Despite their involvement with the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW), they prefer to operate discreetly, especially in military operations on Terra.

Spirituality and Technology

In contrast to their Ahil cousins, the T-mari’s spirituality leans towards ascetic practices, giving them an aura of austerity. Although they frequently visit Terra, they have yet to establish a permanent colony. Their discoidal ships, similar to those of the Ahel, showcase the advanced technology shared among the three races in the Ashara system.

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