The Taal Shiar – Faction of Taali Settlers in the Pleiades Alcyone System


Alcyone: The Lohr Jayha Trinary System

Lohr Jayha, also known as “the dark sister,” is a remarkable trinary system centered around a bright blue massive sun spinning at an incredible speed. Its rapid rotation creates a stunning circumferential disk of stellar matter. Alcyone is situated within the Pleiades star cluster.

The Taali Separation

Within this system orbits one of the two worlds where a faction of Taali, known as the Taal Shiar, established themselves after a split from the Taygetan colonies in the nearby Taygeta system. This division arose from disagreements over planet allocation between races.

Origin and Ambitions of the Taal Shiar

The Taal Shiar, meaning “main-world-ones,” designated their planet “Taalihara,” orbiting the star Alcyone. Despite facing challenges posed by neighboring empires like the Orion and Ciakahrr, they attempted to establish their own empire.

Alliances and Involvements

Unlike their Taygetan brethren who joined the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW), the Taal Shiar allied themselves with the Ashtar and Altair Collectives, as well as certain malevolent groups within the Orion Alliance. This affiliation has led to their involvement in the Cabal’s actions on Terra, bringing disgrace to the human races.

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