The UFO Gremlin System – A New Rapid Deployable Surveillance Capability


developing ‘Gremlin’ capability to help personnel collect real-time UAP

     The Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office
is producing and refining a new deployable surveillance capability — the
Gremlin System — to enable personnel to capture real-time data and more
rapidly respond to unidentified anomalous

By Brandi Vincent

phenomena (UAP) incidents as they occur, the acting chief of the office told
DefenseScoop during a press briefing Wednesday.

Tim Phillips, AARO’s acting director on assignment from the Office of the
Director of National Intelligence, shared the first public details about these
in-the-works, sensor-equipped Gremlin “kits” during the Wednesday briefing,
which was more broadly focused on the office’s release of the congressionally
required “Volume I Report on the Historical Record of U.S. Government
Involvement with UAP.” That report is attached below.

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