Three pathways to teaching with a computer science license


No matter what grade you teach, OSLN has programs that can help you bring computer science to your school. Get students excited, meet education standards, and teach important skills.

Pathway 1: Join the Licensure Exam Preparation Program now (Join in April, sit for summer 2024 exam)

Currently teaching computer science but have not taken the licensure exam? OSLN’s Licensure Exam Prep Program offers targeted support and deep dives into key exam topics. Deepen your understanding and prepare for licensure under Ohio’s supplemental pathway. The summer 2024 cohort is nearly full but applications will be considered for future rounds.

Pathway 2: Join the year-long Computer Science Professional Learning cohort, begin teaching computer science, then prepare for licensure. (Apply by May 1)

Build your foundation this summer and teach computer science in Fall 2024 year under Ohio’s temporary licensure waiver. Then, prepare to take the licensure exam.

Targeted for different levels of learning, OSLN offers four different programs.

Connect to your cohort in five-day summer workshop and begin teaching. The cohort continues with a series of workshops during the school year. Connect with peers and with OSLN’s expert facilitators to solve problems as you implement new these lessons.

Then, join OSLN again next summer for the 2025 Licensure Exam Preparation Program.

Pathway 3: Prepare to join the 2025 cohort

Another year-long Professional Learning cohort will begin June 2025, ending March 2026. This cohort also includes the five-day summer workshop and ongoing supportive workshops throughout the academic year.

The Licensure Exam Preparation Program will be offered again. However, funding under the Teach CS Grants will have ended and schools/educators may need to cover costs of the exam preparation program.

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