Time Capsule Episode 399 Discussing AI, Truth and Lies, and Life in Space


2 hours ago

In Episode 399 of Sci-Fi Talk’s Time Capsule, join host Tony Tolato as he delves into deep conversations about artificial intelligence, the intricate interplay of truth and lies in human experiences, and the mysteries of space exploration. Guest speakers include Simon Chesterman, author of Artifice, and Sarah Beth Gerst, author of Lies Among Us.

Listen as Chesterman unpacks his book, which centers on an artificial intelligence named Janus, and discusses the paradigmatic shift in the relationships humans share with AI. Through a speculative approach inspired by sci-fi author Isaac Asimov, Chesterman challenges the conventional narrative and poses the question – can AI trust humans?

The conversation flourishes as Gerst then steps into the spotlight, illuminating the tangled web we weave through truth and lies. She takes us on a journey through her novel centered around two contrasting realities, pushing the boundaries of what we perceive as reality. Join her as she discusses how fiction can often be a mirror held up to society, revealing universal truths.

Hopping from reality to fiction, we then deep-dive into a discussion with actor Ed Gathegi about his experiences on the show ‘For All Mankind’. Hear about his journey exploring his character Dev, the complexities of the series, and his enthusiastic camaraderie with co-star Chantal Vansaten.

Finally, the episode draws to a close with a chat featuring Jody Davis, NASA Deputy Payload Systems Engineer. Dive into intriguing insights around Mars rovers, life in space, the Cassini project, and the Huygens probe. 

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