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I’m sitting in Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 waiting for a flight to Dublin to complete the return home from Phoenix. The transatlantic part of this journey went pretty well despite an unpromising start. The terminal at Phoenix was incredibly crowded, and the gate area far too small to accommodate the number of passengers on the flight. The Club World lounge was completely full and operating a wait list just to get in. I waited for 30 minutes to enter and then gave up without succeeding. Had I actually paid a business class fare I would have been very angry about that. The general overcrowding led to my flight taking off about 30 minutes late, but at least that didn’t get significantly worse and I got to Heathrow with plenty of time to make my connection.

I have to admit that the fatigue and disorientation resulting from the excessive travel I’ve been doing over the past few weeks is getting to me a bit. I don’t think I’m cut out for the jet set! It’s not quite over yet, either. After flying back to Dublin I will spend a few days in Maynooth to recover and celebrate the (predicted) success of a PhD student whose examination is tomorrow, then fly back to Barcelona. Fortunately that’s just a short-haul flight and then I’ll be able to settle there until at least July.

Update: I got back to a very rainy Maynooth safely and ahead of time: I managed to get a Hopper bus I should have missed, but which was 10 minutes late!

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