UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: 2018 UAP Over Columbus North Carolina


I have any number of UAP (Unidentified Ariel Phenomena) videos in my chrome settings – perhaps the 2020s will inspire me again to begin commenting about what seems to be new in structures or orbs in the skies. We’ll see.

Anyway – how about I update with what seems to be a pretty good one with only one slight red flag (ends abruptly). Indeed, the under excitement of the videoer is also noteworthy. As you can see in the original posting by MUFON on their account – all of 56 views as of my posting – the video had the potential of slipping under the radar. 

But – I’ve watched and listened to the entire 5 plus minute video and find it somewhat compelling and worthy of your time to see the sky phenomena seemingly develop. Yes…it will end up being a potential V shaped object in the sky. First…the video. Ignore the initial screen shot of MUFON as it has nothing to do with the video. To me… what is shown in this video is not similar to the typical orb phenomena of the early 2010’s.

As you can see below – I trace the videos movement on the internet.

MUFON Link…56 Views…zero comments MUFON didn’t post this April 3rd video on YouTube to after the websites below had already featured the video from initial MUFON “last twenty reports” most likely. As you can see at this video…MUFON posted it on May 2nd, 2018

The “Mothership” video was immediately found by The Hidden Underbelly on April 3rd – 8,000 views 32 mostly derogatory comments. 35,000 subscribers. That said a 3-1 thumbs up ratio. Here’s a link to the videos available on the YouTube Channel.

The video was then featured on UFO Institute on April 4th and has 169,000 views from 4,000 subscribers (and coast to coast help)  and 222 comments to be read at the link.

April 5th – the 5 minute 37 second video gained some legitimacy via WBTV in Charlotte who said that UFO researchers had released some footage of a “strange craft” = they used/linked to the Hidden Underbelly YTube video. Oh…the Charlotte Observer Newspaper Had The Story And Video By 7 AM. They used the UFO Institute link… more scholarly you know.

Someone was watching and it made it’s way to Coast to Coast – where the word “Mothership” was reused as above in the story and video title by April 6th. They used the link of UFO Institute (shown above) rather than MUFONs – link – that said…the MUFON link may have fallen off the “latest reports” and they hadn’t posted it yet.
Coast To Coast Coverage On April 6th, 2018

Conspiracy Blog on April 9th

On IHeart by April 9th. On Wild 95.5s radio page. 

By April 10th – the interest was fading for UFO Alarm – 45,000 Subscribers as the “Huge Spaceship” generated just a 1,000 views and 8 comments. Indeed…by this point the video is edited down to 3 minutes plus…where did the other 2 minutes go?

Finally – it was picked up by a prolific UFO poster named Luis Andres Jaspersen … with 38 views.. and one comment on April 11th…it’s a 4 minute version here. 346 subscribers.

so…. military object….spacecraft….UAP…..balloons….mothership….the Turkey UFO (I bring up the Turkey UFO video because alot of believers”mentioned it in the above comments on the various websites) …. complex orbs? or clickbait of a hoax?

Never heard of the Turkey UFO?
Hey, thanks for reading and visiting today…who knows..more to come sometime.

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