UFO Sighting in Point Cook, Victoria on 2012-01-24 08:00:00 – Star-like object moving across sky in a line for approximately 10 seconds then just disappeared


I was at home and went outside for a cigarette looked up at the sky and saw what looked like a star but it was moving across the sky in a line. i thought it could be a satellite but it was moving quite slow then about 10 seconds later just disappeared. i couldnt understand if it was a satellite how could it just vanish like that especially when it didnt go across the horizon line? i wanted to run inside to get my camera but it was already gone. the crazy thing is i was just watching a you tube clip of ufo sightings in cyprus this month and once it had finished thats when i went outside and there one was! i sound like a crazy person but to me that was a message, the last time i would have watched a video of a ufo was years ago so theres some strange synchronicity going on here! i have never posted on a site like this before and it took me a while to search for one but hopefully someone else spotted it too so i can prove to myself im not crazy haha

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