UFO Video Of The Year? Lake Erie Shining Object Aug. 10th


UFO Video Of The Year? Lake Erie Shining Object Aug. 10th

Posted Aug.8th on YT

His YouTube channel is totally normal… no other UFO videos, etc. 

Posted Aug 10th On FB

Weirdly..at the above Facebook posting…despite 40,000 views and almost 600 shares… just a handful of comments… and the only new info… that the Coast Guard didn’t call them back.

These are some of his comments on YouTube And His Response To  A Few Questions

“we took our boat out late this evening to stay the night on the water..when I got close to this..it’s started following us..we even called the Coast guard…the water was very calm that night..and this thing did not make a sound or move the water as it was moving…I like to know if anyone has ever seen anything like this.”

.”We had to turn around and pass by it.i would say around 15 feet away..I posted it on Facebook and it has 40k views..and no one yet has said they ever seen anything like this before”

“Yes I was nervous..but it kind of made me feel like..it was bothering me so I didn’t mess with it..we called the coast guard but they took it like a joke..and never came out..”

Now…if you listen to the VERY end of the filming..you hear his wife go…”I hear music” and the filming abruptly ends… (did it all get revealed in the next few seconds IF the video would have continued, my skeptical mind wondered?)

So… I then asked weaverfrank (YT name) – in a comment at YouTube

As the video ends your wife says “I hear music” – a kinda strange ending…did you hear it…did the music in the middle of the night have something to do with the light/object?… what was the music? anything that you recognized?… since you say that it came within 15 feet of you at some point… how about some additional description of when it was closest…by any chance did you have any missing time? thanks in advance for your reply.     
On YouTube…his answer to my above question was:1 month ago
“I stop the boat rite when she said that..I didn’t here music..but we are only in the bay..so there is land almost all around us…but no I didn’t hear music…”“When I was close to this thing..it did not make a sound and I didn’t see the water move underneath it..”========================What’s my take? … well, I would have liked more video if this occurred for 30 minutes or so as Mr. Weaver says.. and the stopping at the wife’s mention of music seems weird too, to me. Also…if he was within 15 feet on occasion…I would have liked something again a bit more detailed (even though in this case seeing is believing almost) did he feel heat, see anything solid, etc. Nonetheless, not since the Feather Orb video premier here in 2011 have I seen such a compelling video of the anomalous.=======================Need More?Yesterday I posted this at Bit-Stew and it includes a UFO video from Florida.————————————The archive awaits your inspection


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