Ufology Research: Canada’s UFO: Declassified


Ufology Research: Canada’s UFO: Declassified


As most of you will know,
I have been fascinated with the UFO phenomenon for many years. I find the entire
spectrum of ufology quite interesting, from the UFO sightings and concurrent reports
themselves, to the investigations and analyses. Further, the views of the
scientific community, the treatment and coverage of the subject by media, and
the response of the public to the UFO phenomenon all combine to make the
subject worthy of study from a psychological and sociological perspective. And
the debates and arguments of UFO fans and zealots regarding specific cases, the
interpretation of government documents, unsubstantiated claims and wild
speculation all combine to create a confusing morass of information that
befuddle, obfuscate, and bemuse.

Over the years I have
investigated UFO sightings, catalogued and statistically analysed UFO data,
shared my findings with scientists and lay researchers, and coordinated the
annual Canadian UFO Survey since 1989. I have pursued and reviewed government
documents related to UFOs and assisted officials in their managing of the information.

I’ve written extensively
about my studies in ufology since the mid-1970s. I’ve had articles published in
both ufozines and peer-reviewed academic journals, I’ve blogged since 2005, and
before that I had self-published
The Swamp Gas Journal between 1978 and
2003, making it one of the longest-running ufozines at that time.

My tenth book on UFOs and related subjects is now out, published by August Night Press. Canada’s UFOs:
is the result of a “deep dive” I undertook to better understand
the Canadian government’s investigations and analyses of UFO reports. Over a
decade ago, Libraries and Archives Canada digitized almost 9,000 pages of
documents related to UFOs, mostly from the National Research Council of Canada
and the Department of Defence. These documents have been available to the public
but many of the cases recorded within them had never been broadly discussed or widely

Over the past several
years there has been a resurgence of interest in UFOs (now termed UAP to
detract from the populist connotations of alien spacecraft as UFOs), largely
due to a series of claims about American military personnel witnessing
unidentified objects while on maneuvers and operations. Media attention and public
relations activity advancing interest in the subject have attracted the
interest of American politicians who in turn have pressured the Pentagon and
other branches of government to create a task force and then an office to determine
the nature of the objects seen and detected by military personnel.

I had been reviewing the
Canadian government and military documents for several years and was in the
process of writing another book when the American interest was gaining momentum,
so I decided to write specifically about the Canadian government experience.
The result was
Canada’s UFOs: Declassified.

Because I had been in
receipt of Canadian government information about UFOs for many years, I had been mentioned in a briefing to the incoming Canadian Minister of Defence in 2021 regarding the Canadian response to the American UAP situation. Also, I had
been asked to brief a Canadian Member of Parliament about my research on the subject,
related to the American attention developments.

This Member of Parliament
was Mr. Larry Maguire, MP for Brandon-Souris. He has had a personal interest in UFOs for many years and has taken the opportunity of the American situation to publicly express his concern about UAP in Canadian airspace. He has since commented
about this on other occasions and in a Parliamentary committee, having asked me
for information to supplement and support his concerns.

For the occasion of the
launch of my new book, I formally invited Mr. Maguire to attend and also give a
public statement related to UAP. He agreed, but later gave his regrets as he
was needed in a meeting that conflicted with the book launch. However, Mr.
Maguire prepared a statement for me that could be presented at the public
launch event.

Maguire took the
opportunity to praise my book and, among his thoughts, noted:

decades of little to no movement from governments on revealing what they know about
Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), it looks like we are on the precipice of getting
some answers.

the Department of National Defence was recently tasked with compiling a
briefing for the Minister, they went to Rutkowski.

I needed information on UAP sightings near Canadian nuclear facilities, I
relied on his database and institutional knowledge. The interactions I had with
a Deputy Minister at a Parliamentary Committee, armed with the information
Rutkowski provided, led to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission committing to
co-operate with its American counterparts on UAP.

speaks volumes about Rutkowski’s work and this book reflects his steadfast commitment
to documenting the best Canadian UAP reports and government documents that show
how government departments and law enforcement have taken this issue a lot more
seriously than some would think.

politicians and policy makers like myself who are just getting around to better
understanding how the Government of Canada documented and collected
information, this is a must-read book. As the stigma has started to recede,
paving the way for academics, scientists, and everyday people to investigate
this phenomenon, Rutkowski has given us a foundation to build from. This is not
a new issue, but the seriousness of those in high places willing to openly talk
about it is something we should all get used to.

we watch what’s happening with UAP in Congress, at NASA and with the courageous
academics who are not afraid to go against the grain, Canada’s UFO:
Declassified is another proof point that the phenomena knows no borders or
boundaries. There is a rich and deep historical record of incidents right here
in Canada.

I am extremely flattered
by Mr. Maguire’s comments on my book and I am grateful for his statement. His courage
and conviction to publicly express his interest and concern about UAP indicates
that government officials are starting to take the matter more seriously and
desire to heighten conversation about UFOs/UAP at the highest level.

I hope that Canada’s
UFOs: Declassified
adds favourably to the conversation.

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