UFOs Sighting of Extraterrestrial Origins Ships Hovering Above Parthenon in Athens, Greece


On the night of June 21, 2017 photographer Andy Van Rose found himself at the studio of Nikos Apostolopoulos, nestled approximately 1.5km from the iconic Acropolis in the center of Athens, Greece.

He took a photo of the illuminated Parthenon with his camera (Canon Mark III – Lens 85mm 1.2), thinking it would be a normal image of the famous historical monument at night. Surprisingly, when Andy checked the photos later, he noticed strange objects in the sky that looked like UFOs.

These captivating images unveil a mysterious spectacle over Parthenon in Athens, raising questions about what might exist beyond our earthly realm. The fact that these unidentified flying objects were captured by the camera but remained invisible to the naked eye adds an extra layer of intrigue.

Triangular extraterrestrial ships and an observation deck above the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, captured in a mysterious photo, suggesting a cosmic connection and raising questions about otherworldly presence

Upon sharing the photos with David, a close friend specializing in extraterrestrial phenomena and who is a beyond earth scientists physical contactee, his analysis strongly suggests these objects are of extraterrestrial origin – triangular ships and an observation deck for a colossal vessel.

This revelation opens a door to the unknown, inviting us to contemplate the mysteries that may unfold above our heads, just beyond our everyday perception. These extraterrestrial origins visitors indicate that beings from beyond are observing us with a keen interest in our ancient monuments and our civilization progress.

While they patiently await our readiness to meet them, the enigmatic events captured in these photographs suggest a connection that spans the vast expanse between our world and theirs.

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