Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena – scientific research: A National Science Foundation initiative


Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena – scientific research: A National Science Foundation initiative


Details have emerged of a workshop titled “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP): A Dialogue on Science, Public Engagement and Communication” organized by a National Science Foundation initiative, and held at a location in Virginia, USA between 15 and 17th May 2024. So far, only one of the participants, has spoken out about the workshop. The Kainaat Astronomy in English YouTube channel carried a 26-minute-long interview with self-identified participant Dr. Salman Hameed.

Details of the workshop

Here are some dot points of information which Dr. Hameed mentioned during that interview:

* It was held at an undisclosed venue in Virginia, USA

* It attracted about 25 participants

* It was part of a National Science Foundation initiative

* Individuals who participated held a range of views as to the nature of UAP

* There were a range of views as to how best to communication the subject to the general public

* The organizers did a good job of cultivating a space where participants’ views were treated with respect

* It was well run, and well organized

* There was an application process – potential attendees were asked what they could contribute to the process

* Individuals held a wide spectrum of beliefs

* The purpose of the workshop was not to provide and discuss the existence or origin of UAP but to examine ways to destigmatize discussions on the topic of UAP. How do you talk about the topic in a way that would lead to investigating UAP? How do we talk to the public? What are our responsibilities?

* There is a need to better define the term UAP

* U.S. government officials were there from the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office. Their business cards did not have their names on them

* A follow up process is being organized.


1. Discussions at a workshop organized by an initiative of the National Science Foundation is another big step indicating that the academic community are getting involved in UAP studies.

2. Perhaps other participants will now come forward and discuss their own input at the event and provide a deeper understanding of the work that is still to come. 

3. A fuller description of Dr. Hameed’s comments about the workshop, and additional information concerning the NSF initiative, may be found in a 24 May 2024 article by Baptiste Friscourt. 

Update: 9 June 2024

Florida State University’s School of Information Assistant Professor Gretchen Stahlman is revealed as one of the co-leads of the NSF workshop.

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