. Unveiling the Stories of Constellation, Twelve Monkeys, and The Walking Dead: Time Capsule EP 400


3 days ago

In this episode of Sci-Fi Talk , I dive into an eclectic mix of interviews from the depths of science fiction and beyond. We start off with a deep dive into the Apple TV+ series “Constellation” as we hear from writer and creator Peter Harkness and director Michelle McLaren, as they share their insight into creating a story that intertwines human experience, family relationships, and intriguing narrative elements.

Then, we travel back to 2016 at San Diego Comic Con for an exclusive chat with Amanda Schull, discussing her role in “12 Monkeys” and the challenges and excitement of playing multiple versions of her character.

Next, our focus turns to the zombie apocalypse as we catch up with the luminaries behind “The Walking Dead,” including Angela Kang, Gale Anne Hurd, and Greg Nicotero. They delve into the show’s impactful cultural legacy, the evolution of horror in television, and the ongoing commitment to diverse and compelling storytelling.

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