We Need to Investigate UFOs Sans Conspiracy Theories


A former government official calls for investigating unidentified anomalous
phenomena without succumbing to conspiracy theories about

     Little else titillates and piques the national
interest like unidentified flying objects and space aliens. After more
than a century of films featuring intelligent creatures from other
worlds, and over seven decades after the U.S. government began
investigating them, UFOs remain a flashpoint for conspiracy

By Sean Kirkpatrick

theorists and science deniers. By any name, UFOs or unidentified anomalous
phenomena (UAP) conjure the most vivid images and plots allowed by Hollywood and
novels alike. Who doesn’t want to believe?

However, reality, as inconvenient as it can be, remains fundamental. In 2022
Congress found the courage to put into law the creation of the All-domain
Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), jointly managed by the Department of Defense
and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). Its mission is
quite straightforward. Apply an unbiased scientific method and intelligence
tradecraft to review existing information and data on historical UAP and
investigate new data as these are provided to the office from military,
federal, state and local entities as well as private citizens.

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