Webinar: Automating for SmallSat Success


Webinar: Automating for SmallSat Success

Date: February 20th, 2024
: 1 PM ET

The purpose of this webinar is to explore how today’s smallsat leaders are employing automation in satellite operations and manufacturing. Among the questions this webinar aims to address:

  • How is automation changing the way satellites are being designed, built, deployed and operated?
  • What level of automation is necessary to keep smallsats competitive?
  • Is the smallsat sector ready for the level of automation necessary to support emerging in-orbit serving and in-space manufacturing applications?
  • Do smallsats have the onboard processing capability to run the complex algorithms required for rendezvous and proximity operations?


Chris Winslett
General Manager
Blue Canyon Technologies

Chuck Beames
York Space

Marc Bell
Terran Orbital

Chester Gillmore
SVP Spacecraft and Manufacturing, Planet


Jeff Foust

Sandra Irwin

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