What is Flowervale Street? Is Bad Robot’s secretive new thriller the next Cloverfield movie?


What is Flowervale Street? Is Bad Robot’s secretive new thriller the next Cloverfield movie?

J. J. Abrams’ production company Bad Robot have finally announced a title and release date for a super secretive film they’ve been working on quietly behind-the-scenes with It Follows director David Robert Mitchell at the helm. Titled Flowervale Street, the film is being marketed as an IMAX thrill ride. Is this the next Cloverfield movie we’ve been waiting for?

The only major speed bumps in jumping to that conclusion is that Flowervale Street is being distributed by Warner Brothers, not Paramount Pictures, who have the distribution rights to Cloverfield. Unless a deal was struck we don’t yet know about, giving Warner Brothers a piece of the Cloververse pie, the possibility seems unlikely. The other speed bump is that back in September 2022, it was announced that Babak Anvari had been tapped to direct the next Cloverfield movie… So unless he too was replaced with David Robert Mitchell, this also weighs heavily against the possibility of it being the next Cloverfield. 

As Deadline reports, plot details for Flowervale Street remain unknown, but they did reveal the picture would be starring Hollywood heavyweights Anne Hathaway, Ewan McGregor, Maisy Stella and Christian Convery. The film is also eyeballing a May 16th, 2025 release date and that it was shot on IMAX.

Mitchell directs from his own original script and is producing alongside J.J. Abrams and Hannah Minghella for Bad Robot, Jackson Pictures’ Matt Jackson, and Tommy Harper.

Official news on the next Cloverfield has been relatively nonexistent for some time now, yet in May of last year, the Cloverfield viral marketing website SLUSHO mysteriously came back online. Prior to that, Cloverfield director Matt Reeves had suggested the next Cloverfield movie might involve a deadly virus instead of a giant monster, but prior to that it was confirmed the film would act as a direct sequel to the original 2008 film rather than another anthology-style sequel.

The next Cloverfield movie was announced back in January, 2021 but little information has been announced since.

While Flowervale Street has a curiously similar title format as 10 Cloverfield Lane and an equally secretive production, we can’t say for certain it’s part of the Cloververse. Time will tell.

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