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Slick was the name of a veteran clone trooper sergeant in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Named for his resourcefulness and discreetness, he began to develop a hatred for his Jedi commanding officers, believing that he and his fellow clone brothers were acting as the Jedi’s puppets. In 22 BBY, Slick betrayed the Galactic Republic and began to pass inside information to the Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. After the Confederacy invaded the planet Christophsis, Slick accompanied a faction of Republic forces under the command of Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to liberate the planet from the Confederate oppression.

On Christophsis, Slick led his platoon on a reconnaissance of a strategical location for an ambush on the Confederate battle droids, and after returning to the Republic base, Slick informed Ventress and the Confederate General Whorm Loathsom of the Republic’s plan. The Confederacy was able to ambush the Republic forces, and Kenobi and Skywalker went to search for information in Confederacy-held territory while Clone Captain Rex and Clone Commander Cody stayed to find the possible Republic traitor. In the clones’ following interrogation of Slick’s men, Slick was revealed to be the Confederate spy, and after the traitor severely damaged the Republic base’s weapons depot, Rex and Cody engaged him in a brawl. Slick was apprehended, and when Skywalker and Kenobi returned, the traitorous clone was taken to lock-up. (Read more…)


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