Yukon UFO looked like “Santa Claus and his reindeer”


One of the classic Canadian UFO cases of all time, the giant UFO seen by dozens of witnesses on the night of December 11, 1996, was described in many different ways.

But the most vivid description was that by children in a family that watched it move across the sky near Carmacks, Yukon.

Martin Jasek traveled throughout Yukon and interviewed more than 35 witnesses of the remarkable object, who observed it from many different locations that night.

This group of 5 witnesses
to the UFO sighting in Carmacks consisted of a mother, father and their three
children. At the time the family was staying at a house in Carmacks… The
witnesses were interviewed together.

The father of the family… was
watching television when he noticed a long row of lights moving in the distance
through a window facing northeast.

“I thought it was a jumbo
747! But I listened for sound, but nothing!” The father called the rest of
the family to have a look. They were all amazed!

Getting close to
Christmas, the 3 children, of whom the eldest was six years old, thought that
it was Santa Claus and his reindeer.

The UFO consisted of “four
big balls of light in a row” red-yellow in color with “a little bit of blue.”
At the left and right side of this row of lights were smaller lights that were
orange and green…

The UFO was slowly
drifting from left to right, “it looked pretty low, just over the trees” and
was about 2 feet at arms length in size in the sky. There were also what
appeared to be white sparkles dropping away from the base of the larger lights.
They were dropping at an angle to the left, consistent with the UFO moving to
the right.

The father thought that their sighting occurred at about 9 pm that night but it might have been an hour or more earlier. (Times of witnesses’ observations that night varied between 7 and 9 pm.)

With the exception of only a few witnesses, the majority of the descriptions of the object were relatively consistent and led skeptic Ted Molczan to conclude that what was seen was actually the re-entry of a rocket booster that was in the sky at the that exact time and over that part of Yukon.

Others say that the giant mothership was an actual UFO that was in the pre-Christmas night sky. In fact, the Canadian government itself considered the case of enough historical and cultural significant that it minted an actual coin to commemorate the event.

While others… believe that Santa himself visited Yukon that night.

[BTW: The Canadian military tracks Santa’s flight as part of its partnership with NORAD, and you can check its site here.]

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