Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence.


The “Sagan Standard”. Named for the famous astronomer Carl Sagen, his education was a span of four degrees in physics, astronomy and astrophysics from the University of Chicago. Working with (JPL) Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, he helped with projects like; The Mariner 2 mission to Venus, the Mariner 9 mission to Mars and also the Viking 1 and Viking 2 missions to Mars which ultimately reached our outer solar system.

Carl Sagan knew astrophysics, and it appears based on some interviews, that he was ok with the possibility of UFOs too but kept quiet so not to tarnish his career. Carl passed away on December 20th, 1996, over 27 years ago. Since then, astrophysics has matured exponentially due to new and updated science based on technology. If Carl was still alive today experiencing the Pentagons recent UFO revelations, it would be cool to hear what he would have to say.

Some of the recent advances in astrophysics pertains to Space Telescopes.

The Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched 6 years before Sagan had died, made numerous discoveries like:
– Photographing around 1,500 galaxies and learning about their evolution.
– Found Hydra and Nix, two small moons orbiting once a planet, Pluto.
– Taught scientists a little more about Dark Matter.
– Found Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.
– Explored Dark Energy.
– Explored and provided more information about Black Holes.

On Christmas day, of 2021, the James Webb Telescope was launched. Now 25 years after Carl Sagan’s death, so far it has achieved numerous discoveries like:
– Seeing large Black Holes in our early Universe.
– Uncovering a boiling ocean on an exoplanet.
– Discovering ethanol and other icy ingredients in space.
– Delivering images of Newborn stars from a Nearby Galaxy.
– Finding a Dead Galaxy.
– And too many more discoveries to list here, more on blog link.

It seems at least every month we learn more and more about the universe we live in. Better technology, faster computers and the human interest to explore creates new knowledge.

But what about the Paranormal?

Some scientists either don’t believe in it, some do, and some simply ignore it, but as investigators we need to adhere to Sagan’s rule.

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence!

We can no longer just assume evidence; we have to gather evidence which confirms our conclusions or at least enough evidence that points to our assumptions. Too many TV shows on the Paranormal either fake, assume, or misunderstand what their hosts claim as evidence just for ratings. Let’s face it, their bottom line is to make money, and to make money they need viewership in the form of ratings. Ancient Aliens has been called out many times for faking and or manipulating evidence to appear paranormal. Most of the time their hosts are just reading a teleprompter in a studio not really understanding what they’re talking about, just assuming.

Remember the word “assume.” It can make an “ass” out of “u” or “me.” So, let’s not always assume when talking about the Paranormal.

Professional investigators, the ones who have invested years not weeks or months into investigating the Paranormal, know they must gather enough evidence to validate their assumptions if they want to be taken seriously. My 37th Parallel Theory, which was recently exploited by the TV show, Ancient Aliens, was derived from data I collected from years of investigations. It wasn’t until I had an “aha” moment when I saw a pattern after learning about two very shallow earthquakes and two cattle mutilations in different states happening within hours of each other.

So that “aha” moment turned into a theory based on data.

I’ve worked in the semiconductor industry for over 30 years. I understand technology more than a lot of other investigators out there, and because of that, I have an idea what type of technology humans should have compared to what UFO witnesses are seeing. In my years of working for the semiconductor industry, I’ve been on design projects from simple designs to very complex designs for cellular, automotive, and even space.

The point I’m making is, there are some investigators out there that make either false assumptions or too quick to make assumptions based on not having enough data. I’ve learned through my microchip design experience that nothing will work if the data isn’t good. In other words, run the data, look for facts, if you can’t be exact, then “Make your best guess, Mr. Spock”. But you better “damn well” have some data to back up results if you want to be taken seriously.

Some of my theories based on data include:
– The 37th Parallel. At the time I derived this theory I breifly mentioned it on a TV show for the Science Channel. When they contacted me and asked if I had more data on my theory for a season two, I inundated them with data, in which they replied, “You can have your own episode talking about your theory.” Thus came, Unexplained Files Season 2, episode 3, “Paranormal Highway of American”.

That theory is so solid due to data, that it sparked the book by Ben Mezrich, “The 37th Parallel, The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway” The book was a New York Times Best Seller and optioned for a movie with New Line Cinema too!

Ben Mezrich’s Book about me and my theory.

To this day, my 37th Parallel theory is still solid enough, that the Ancient Aliens TV show recently exploited it on one of their episodes. Exploited in the sense, they didn’t ask my permission to use it for their TV show.

The 37th Parallel isn’t the only theory I’ve had or am working on, other theories based on my data include:

– (Active Theory) Hydrogen propelled UFOs. Hydrogen is plentiful not only on this planet but space too, and with some type of nuclear fission technique like our Sun, the UFO’s exhaust would be in the ultra-violet light range. That’s the reason we don’t see their exhaust. Based on Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, the opposite reaction in this case would be exhaust from what’s propelling the UFO, exhaust we can’t see.

– (Active Theory) Another of my theories is based on hydrogen and EMF (electro-magnetic fields). Knowing where pockets of hydrogen are (let’s say in the USA) like underground water or oil reserves, if we can measure higher levels of EMF in some of those areas, then there’s a possibility an alien presence might be there. Like Utah’s Skin Walker ranch, and Arizona’s Bradshaw Ranch. Alien technology to remove hydrogen from water or oil, could create a large enough EM field, that we can detect it.

– (Active Theory) Animal Mutilations. Some type of craft is using energy to take and then mutilate animals. I have enough evidence that shows the soil around a mutilated animal has changed due to high frequency radiation. Soil samples and EMF readings show this. I also have enough evidence that shows the animals are being lifted by using some type of energy source.

– (Working Theory) Pulsar Stars located at “zenith” or right above almost every major ancient site on Earth. Question? Why were sacred sites placed in their specific locations? And is having a Pulsar star right above them just coincidence?

– (Active Theory) I along with Frank Kimbler have enough evidence that “PROVES” something did crash at the famous Roswell Debris site (i.e.. Skip Site). We’ve found tiny aluminum alloy fragments which based on scientific analysis states the alloy is NOT a registered metal in international databases. The alloy we have is NOT used anywhere in modern industry. Pretty cool stuff!

Once again, “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence!” And I have it for some of my theories and investigations, that’s why I’m a little better field investigator than most. I don’t assume, I have to satisfy myself first by eliminating all known possibilities before making any type of extraordinary claims. This is one of the reasons I haven’t been on TV lately, some opportunities which have come my way, I just didn’t agree with the production companies. I want to show real evidence, not just something that will catch viewership and ratings. The majority of production companies who work on paranormal reality shows, really have no clue when it comes to the paranormal, it’s just a job to them, and a source of income.

In conclusion, if you want to be or think you are a Paranormal investigator, then don’t talk the talk unless you walk the walk. And if you walk the walk, then you better walk correctly.

  • Don’t make assumptions based on what you think, make assumptions based on what you know.
  • Eliminate all possibilities first before making any assumptions.
  • Gather data! Base your theory on data that’s gathered multiple times so as to make sure your data is good not just random.
  • Think smart, think out of the box, don’t let the “naysayers” influence your direction. If you feel good about the direction you’re going, then, “go for it!”

This way of thinking will benefit all of us when it comes to Paranormal research and investigations. And when it comes to UFOs, this type of thinking will go nowhere, but up.

Chuck Zukowski

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James Webb Telescope

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