From Fallout to Doctor Who: Navigating Race and History in Sci-Fi Talk Weekly Episode 94


This week’s Sci-Fi Talk Weekly episode 94, bursting with insights and updates from across the universe of fandom. Tony Tellado scours the internet to bring you the latest— from M. Night Shyamalan’s intriguing promises about his new film “Trap” to a review of the vampire flick “Abigail,” which cleverly morphs from a heist film into supernatural chaos. We’ll discuss the lukewarm reception to “Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Two,” dive into the unique dynamics of “Fallout’s” Lucy and Maximus, and reveal what to expect from the new season of “Doctor Who” with its groundbreaking exploration of race. Meanwhile, “Starfleet Academy” aims to return to its roots by possibly setting the show in San Francisco, and a historical model of the Starship Enterprise makes an unexpected return to the Roddenberry family after five decades. Join us as we explore these stories and more.

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