Giger inspired Alien Pilot concepts from The Tomorrow War (2021)!


The 2021 sci-fi action thriller The Tomorrow War drew a lot of notable inspiration from the Alien series – from its Alien creature designs to its hierarchy involving an Alien “Queen” and hive mind. But one lesser known concept which would’ve been another notable homage to Alien would have been the “hanging Alien pilots” – the mysterious Alien species responsible for crashing their ship (of which the antagonist Aliens were their cargo) onto Earth.

Concept artist Matt Allsopp created and shared some concepts of these hanging Alien pilots years ago and they are evidently very Giger-inspired. The look extremely reminiscent of the iconic Space Jockey, check them out:

Hanging Alien pilots in the crashed ship from The Tomorrow War. Didn’t see much of them on screen – but fun to design. Giger inspired of course…. – Matt Allsopp

The Tomorrow War doesn’t compare at all to the Alien films in terms of influence, impact and box office success, but it’s still a fun ride and a great example of how influential and timeless the Alien films have become – inspiring many sci-fi stories and ideas since its 1979 debut.

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