Sci-Fi Talk Weekly 93 : Superman Casting, Time Stalker, and Planet of the Apes Box Office Predictions


7 days ago

On Sci-Fi Talk Weekly, on episode 93, with AI co-host Bella, we dive into a stack of intriguing headlines: From the casting of Jonathan Kent in the new Superman film to the mysterious trailers for “Outer Range” Season 2 that tease a deeper exploration into the unknown. We’ll touch on the box office breakout of “Civil War,” discuss Nick Offerman’s detached portrayal of a president in a world of pure fiction, and reveal why “Joker Folie À Deux” snagged a strong R-rating.

We’ve got sneak peeks and reviews across our beloved genres, including “The Walking Dead: Book of Carol,” and Walton Goggins’ intense experience playing a ghoul in the “Fallout” series. Plus, we’ll discuss “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” projected box office success, and a time-traveling dark comedy called “Time Stalker.”

In franchise news, “Star Trek” prepares for a new origin film, while farewells are in order for “Lower Decks” as it approaches its fifth and final season. James Gunn juggles “Peacemaker” shooting with Superman commitments, and Don Mancini on a possible  fourth season of “Chucky.”

Delving into literary realms, we explore a dark fantasy entrenched in Jewish folklore, “The Sins of Their Bones,” and a “Babylon 5” rewatch gives us nostalgia-twinged insights. Steve Buscemi signs on for “Wednesday” Season 2, “Slingshot” secures UK distribution, and a wishlist  of more “Loki”.

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