Time Capsule 401: The Evolution of Michael Burnham and Saru’s Journey on Star Discovery


17 hours ago

OnTime Capsule Episode 401,  Sonequa Martin Green, as she revisits her evolution as the resilient Captain Burnham in “Star Trek: Discovery,” facing the emotional challenges of playing an older version of her character due to a narrative twist involving a “time bug.” 

Doug Jones adds dimension with his reflections on playing Saru and the complexities of portraying familial relationships amidst the backdrop of rebuilding the Federation.

I then pay tribute to Herbert Wright, fondly remembered as the father of the Ferengi, reminiscing about the visionary Gene Roddenberry’s influence on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Our conversation then shifts as we engage with Radha Mitchell, discussing her role in the film “Sacrifice,” and exploring how her character’s journey through mystery and emotional rawness drew her into the project. 

Richard Harmon brings us tales from “The 100” Season 4, delving into Murphy’s uncertain path and the character dynamics that keep the narrative unpredictable and his own survival surprising yet believable.

Lastly, “The Walking Dead” stalwarts Greg Nicotero, Gale Anne Hurd, and Angela Kang gather to discuss the series’ lasting impact, its exploration of hope amid apocalypse. 

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