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The New York Times reports that Meta (the parent company for Facebook, Ins­tagram, and Meta AI, among other concerns) considered purchasing Simon & Schuster last year in order to train their Large Language Model on the company’s books:

Lawyers and engineers last year discussed buying the publishing house Simon & Schuster to procure long works, according to recordings of internal meetings obtained by The Times. They also conferred on gathering copyrighted data from across the internet, even if that meant facing law­suits. Negotiating licenses with publishers, artists, musicians and the news industry would take too long, they said.

They did consider compensating authors… to an extent:

In March and April 2023, some of the company’s business development leaders, engineers and lawyers met nearly daily to tackle the problem. Some debated paying $10 a book for the full licensing rights to new titles… They also talked about how they had summarized books, essays and other works from the internet without per­mission and discussed sucking up more, even if that meant facing lawsuits. One lawyer warned of ‘ethical’ concerns around taking intellectual property from artists but was met with silence, according to the recordings. Mr. Zuckerberg demanded a solution, employees said…. Meta’s execu­tives said OpenAI seemed to have used copyrighted material without permission. It would take Meta too long to negotiate licenses with publishers, artists, musicians and the news industry, they said, according to the recordings.

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S&S CEO Jonathan Karp appeared on the New York Times podcast later and said,

I had no idea that this conversation was go­ing on. The story was quoting private con­versations that nobody knew about. This really was news to everybody. I’ve checked. Nobody knew that this happened…. So this was extraordinary…. Instead, I guess they just decided to steal everything.

Karp said Large Language Models were obvi­ously trained on illegally obtained data: ‘‘It’s in­fringement. It’s wrong and presumably the courts will step in. I guess we just have to be patient. We are a nation of laws, so I look forward to seeing those laws enforced.’’ For more.

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