Asbestos in the Park | In the Dark


Time, I think, a bit of local news. There’s an ongoing asbestos crisis not only in Sydney but across all New South Wales. It seems that the mulch that has been used in many public parks, school grounds and even a hospital garden is contaminated with asbestos. One affected site is Victoria Park, which I walk through from my flat to the University. At least the park is still open, so you can walk on the paths and sit on the lawns, but all areas with mulch are fenced off:

As it happens, Victoria Park was to be used for one of the events planned for Sydney Mardi Gras, which starts today*, but that particular event has been cancelled though many others are unaffected.

The contaminated mulch at all the sites affected was supplied by the same company, Greenlife Resource Recovery. I hope they have to foot the bill for clearing it all up!

*It is, of course, a complete coincidence that this LGBT festival coincides with my stay in Sydney…

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