Ex Libris WWEnd: I’m Starting to Worry About This Black Box of Doom by Jason Pargin


Ex Libris WWEnd: I’m Starting to Worry About This Black Box of Doom by Jason Pargin

I'm Starting to Worry About This Black Box of DoomI’m Starting to Worry About This Black Box of Doom by Jason Pargin
St. Martin’s Press | September 24, 2024

A standalone darkly humorous thriller set in modern America’s age of anxiety, by New York Times bestselling author Jason Pargin.

Outside Los Angeles, a driver pulls up to find a young woman sitting on a large black box. She offers him $200,000 cash to transport her and that box across the country, to Washington, DC.

But there are rules:

He cannot look inside the box.
He cannot ask questions.
He cannot tell anyone.
They must leave immediately.
He must leave all trackable devices behind.

As these eccentric misfits hit the road, rumors spread on social media that the box is part of a carefully orchestrated terror attack intended to plunge the USA into civil war.

The truth promises to be even stranger, and may change how you see the world.

Praise for Jason Pargin and “Black Box”:

“A road trip through America that is equal parts hilarious and terrifying. Jason understands humanity better than most, and it’s inspiring that his diagnosis is ultimately optimistic.” ― Daniel O’Brien, Senior Writer, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

“I was hooked from the first page. If I’m honest, from the first sentence or two. Jason has a rare gift for delivering High Weirdness coated in a sticky layer of real life, deeply relatable shit that forces you to see yourself in whatever weirdo or maniac he introduces. It’s a rare gift, but he’s got a lot of those. You should read this book.” ― Robert Evans, Host of Behind the Bastards

“Jason Pargin’s curse is a brain that can make sense of what we’re all living through. His gift is an ability to take the key elements — paranoia, screen addiction, deep loneliness, fear of the end times — and hocus-pocus them into a comic thriller. Illuminatus! for an even weirder time, and with much cooler cars.” ― David Weigel, national political reporter, Semafor

“Jason Pargin has a unique grasp on all the ways our relationship with information technology has warped our brains and our society as a whole. This latest work is a fun, socially relevant, and propulsive work of satire. Well, mostly satire: The way its characters fabricate dangerous narratives out of whatever information they can access is terrifyingly true to life. I felt personally called out a dozen times and I loved every page of it.” ― Matthew Kitchen, Editor, Chron

Jason ParginJASON PARGIN is the New York Times bestselling author of the John Dies at the End series as well as the award-winning Zoey Ashe novels. He previously published under the pseudonym David Wong. His essays at Cracked.com and other outlets have been enjoyed by tens of millions of readers around the world.




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