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Normally, I post a brief
synopsis with a link to the audio or video of my appearance on another’s show,
or links to my own show. In the last few weeks, I have been on or hosted
several shows. Following at the links to them:–59203917

This was just a show in
which I provided information about my long hiatus from the microphone and the
commentary on some of the latest issues in the UFO field, which I refuse to
call UAP.

In the following, Rob
McConnell and I talk about what is new, or semi-new in the UFO community. There
was no set script of agenda, just a free-flowing conversation.–59028810

Rob McConnel and I talk
about UFOs, MJ-12, and other aspects of the UFO phenomenon.–58928286

And, finally, is the
first of the new season of A Different Perspective with a live guest.
Robert Powell provides his insight to aspects of the UFO discussion, though we
do seem to keep returning to the Levelland case. Here is the audio version.–59526848

Not overly relevant, but I like to put up a picture or two with the blog postings.

And for those
interested in the horrors of video, here is the link to that version:

On April 25, I’ll be
hosting Steve Bassett. We’ll talk about disclosure, one of his favorite talks
and the upcoming UFO conference in Nevada.

And remember, I do a weekly update about UFOs on Coast-to-Coast AM. For the next several weeks, I’ll be on the Thursday shows just a few minutes after midnight, CDT.

If anyone has a suggestion
for a guest, let me know, and I’ll see about getting that person on the show.

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