Play as Godzilla and Other Kaiju in These Two New Games for PC


Play as Godzilla and Other Kaiju in These Two New Games for PC

For good gaming section fans, here are two enjoyable options for your moments of decompression!

Aside from being a massive anime and manga fan, I love playing video games, too! When I’m not dealing with fantastic anime subscription boxes (or looking through the votes or recommendations of subscribers), I like to find good games to help me relax!

That was when I came across these two fun game options where players can immerse themselves in the world of Godzilla and other gigantic monsters. Play by themselves or as a team!

For strategists, the new game Godzilla Voxel Wars brings countless stages and hours of challenges! It has been available on Steam since October 31, 2023. On Epic Games, the game was available for purchase starting November 7.

This Japanese game, developed by Nukenin LLC and published by TOHO Games, is a single-player, turn-based puzzle game with an adorable pixel art style, good music, and an original story.

The player controls monsters like Mothra, King Ghidora, Destoroyah, Biollante, and Godzilla in an 8×8 grid to defeat the mushroom invaders, Fungoids.

As players go through the stages, divided into six worlds, they unveil the story behind the Fungoid invasion and save the world from the threat they pose.

After the main stages, players unlock new ones of higher difficulty. The game also allows players to create and share custom stages with others worldwide!


If you don’t feel like racking your brains with the puzzle game above, you can still have good moments of Godzilla gameplay!

A Minecraft DLC from late January brings gamers thrilling Kaijuu adventures inspired by the movies, and they will surely make more experienced fans feel nostalgic!

Created by the Japanese studio Team-KYO and Impress, the Godzilla DLC has four quests to be played solo or with friends. Players can play as citizens escaping the monster’s wrath or Godzilla — fun guaranteed!

Although the Godzilla DLC isn’t a game, getting two releases so close to each other is a reason to be excited.

If you haven’t played Minecraft in a while, this could be a chance to meet good old friends! And if you want to show off your challenging custom stages from Voxel Wars, there’s a whole team at the Otaku Community ready to make new friends. Feel free to join us!

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