Retired Japanese fighter pilot recounts a compelling encounter with a UFO


Retired Japanese fighter pilot recounts a compelling encounter with a UFO

In addition to American fighter jet pilots, others have recently shared accounts of encountering UFOs during their missions. 

Mamoru Sato, a retired veteran Japanese fighter pilot and former Air Defense Force Base Commander with 34 years of dedicated service, recounts a compelling encounter involving an unidentified flying object (UFO) within the Japanese airspace. 

During a routine training session at Matsushima Air Base, a pilot undergoing training in a craft witnessed an unusual occurrence. He described a cigar-shaped object hovering above him in the sky. Interestingly, the pilot seated in the front confirmed the presence of the UFO, while the instructor positioned in the back seat failed to observe it. However, the situation took a puzzling turn when the aircraft’s fuselage experienced an unexpected malfunction. It wasn’t a typical mechanical issue indicated by warning lights or similar alerts. 

The pilot found control of the craft compromised, rendering steering virtually impossible. Strangely, as abruptly as the UFO had appeared, it vanished, coinciding with the cessation of the aircraft’s malfunction and the restoration of flight control. 

Upon attempting to land, the UFO reappeared, triggering a recurrence of the loss of control experienced previously. This time, even the instructor caught sight of the UFO, confirming the pilot’s earlier sighting…..

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