Ten Startling Cases of Humanoids and Aliens


Ten Startling Cases of Humanoids and Aliens

Ten Startling Cases
of Humanoids and Aliens

Preston Dennett:

Humanoid and alien encounters! They are perhaps the most fascinating aspect of ufology, and have so much to teach us about the ET agenda. This video presents ten cases from all over the world involving a wide variety of extraterrestrials. There are human-looking ETs, little dwarfs, frog-like beings, flying humanoids and more. Many involve multiple witnesses and startling physical evidence such as landing traces, medical effects, animal reactions and electromagnetic disturbances. There are too many cases to ignore, deny or explain away. Something very profound is happening here.

TEN LITTLE ALIENS. One evening in January 1931, cattle-herder Helge Eriksson was walking to his home in Eslov, Sweden when he saw a crowd of ten little men coming towards him. They were only about four feet tall, with oversized heads and long beards. They wore one piece robes with hoods and seemed to float across the ground. They paid no attention to Helge and moved up to a brilliant light source and were gone.

THE ET IN THE PURPLE CAPE. It was a sunny afternoon on February 29, 1964 as David and Ken (age 10 and 9) saw a saucer land near their homes in Plympton, South Australia. To their shock, a door opened and out stepped a human-looking ET with copper-red skin and a big nose. It wore a strange suit with a purple cape. As soon as it saw the boys, it fled back into its craft, which promptly took off. Interestingly, not far away, another lady in Gum Tree, South Australia saw a very similar-looking ET.

THE ALIENS ON THE HIGHWAY. Around 4am on August 23, 1967, Stanley Moxon was driving near Joyceville, Ontario, Canada when he saw a glowing green craft descending alongside the road. He turned off his headlights, drove up to it, and flicked on his headlights. To his shock, it had landed, and two short ETs were outside picking plants. Surprised, they flew back into the craft which took off straight up.

THE FLYING HUMANOID. One night in 1967, Patricia K and her fiancé were driving near Wolstanton, England when she saw a classic flying saucer. It flew away before her fiancé could see it. But eight years later, their 8-year-old son was drawn to look outside by a loud buzzing noise. To his amazement, he saw two 3-foot-tall humanoids flying past his window mere feet away.

I WOULD NOT HARM A HAIR ON YOUR HEAD. Around 3:15 am on January 8, 1974, John E Justice was driving to his home in Springfield, Ohio when his car stalled and his lights went out. Instantly, a brilliant rainbow-colored light appeared, transforming into a small craft. Inside, he was shocked to see five female humanoids, each about four feet tall, with super-long hair. The craft darted away after a few moments, but one year later, he had an even more startling encounter with a humanoid.

I WAS REALLY AFRAID. On the night of November 17, 1975, two college students, Dave Vardeman and Suzanne Erenberger watched a brilliant light descend to the ground near Cedar-Rapids, Iowa. Suzanne was amazed to see a metallic craft with two humanoids inside. But strangely, Dave didn’t remember seeing any craft or humanoids. All he recalls is that they were both frightened enough to flee the area and call the police.

FIFTY FROG-LIKE ETS. At 9pm on May 2, 1976, Dominique Menuge was driving near Matton France when reflections off the side of the road caught his eye. To his shock, he saw about fifty 4-foot-tall frog-like humanoids standing motionless in the field. Terrified, he fled the area, but not before he saw one of the humanoids standing only a few feet away from his car.

ALMOST ABDUCTED BY ALIENS. On September 9, 1976, Hermelindo Silva was walking home with his dog when a UFO appeared overhead. Suddenly it sent down 4 cables with hooks. Short little humanoids came out of the craft and managed to grab him, hook his ankle and pull him up towards the craft. Hermelindo fought with them and freed himself, but not without sustaining some serious injuries.

UNNATURAL EYES. On the night of March 13, 1977, 17-year-old Stephen Taylor was walking to his home in Pembroke, Wales when he saw a brilliant orange craft. He ran away, but shortly later, he came upon the craft, now landed in a field. Then an odd humanoid with frog-like eyes, wearing a jumpsuit walked right up to him. Stephen swung a punch, missed, and ran home in complete terror.

THE ALIEN WITH A MUSTACHE. On the night of December 1, 1977, Emilio Ruiz woke to find the bedroom of his home in Puente San Miguel, Spain, filling with light. Looking out the window, he saw a tall figure approach and peer inside. To his shock, it wasn’t human. He screamed and the figure walked away. Later, he discovered that numerous people in the town had seen unexplained lights.

Ten cases, from across the planet, all involving a wide variety of humanoids and aliens. These cases show that contact with ETs can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The evidence cannot be denied. We are not alone!

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