The Carians – Avian Ambassadors from Caryon in the Carina System


Origins in Caryon

The Caray, also known as Carians, originate from Caryon, the fourth planet in the Carina system, referred to as “Betelgeuse” within the Orion constellation. Initially Laan colonists who established themselves in the Orion zone, they underwent adaptation to the tropical, humid and hot conditions of Caryon, distinct from their original homeworld in the Man system.

Unable to alter the atmospheric composition without risking harm to the local ecosystem, they underwent genetic mutation through hybridization with indigenous species. As a result, they exhibit humanoid characteristics with avian features, boasting blue-feathered bodies, wings and sharp, angular facial structures reminiscent of birds’ heads.

Despite these mutations, the Caray maintain the sacred culture and principles of their Man system origin, preserving their mammalian nature and reproductive functions while embracing a fascinating diversity of forms.

Membership in the Galactic Federation

Despite rarely venturing beyond their planet, the Caray have become esteemed members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Renowned for their wisdom, they serve as peace ambassadors for the Federation, fostering harmony and understanding among member races.

To safeguard their sovereignty, the Caray have negotiated agreements and treaties with neighboring civilizations such as the Eban and the Grail, ensuring protection from potential threats.

Intervention in Terran Ascension

With a commitment to supporting the ascension of Terra (Earth), the Caray engage in psychic and etheric communication to guide humanity’s evolution. Utilizing etheric ships and mastering interdimensional travel, they play a crucial role in facilitating spiritual and consciousness-based advancements for Terran beings.

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