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Hello readers – thanks for hanging in there during the latest round of UFO lunacy (such as To The Stars Academy, yes you too can be an Investor for as little as 350.00) that the MSM recycles as if it is new. As you can see from the lack of posting for the last two years while this was going on…. I wasn’t impressed.

But, this post is NOT about multiple UFO Facebook groups – it’s about a closed group that I am in called “In The Field – Observers and Researchers From Around The World” with currently 685 members. Frankly, it’s a great group run by Scott Browne In The Field, since it’s closed, you can’t post but you may be able to read it…I’m not sure. But, the group is a gem for its diversity and engagement of members. Most of the members are older and have seen the dog and pony act of UFO Disclosure from the past – be it National Press conferences or statements from the POTUS – as in the Obama UFO disclosure statement of 2011 (recently removed by the Trump administration from being online). 

But – the group at times permits groups of new folk to enter the closed kingdom of UFOlogy – some who “mistakenly” come in touting various fake UFO websites or fake UFO promoters. A very very few come in and think that “alien abductions” are important or key to understanding the phenomena. Those folks are quickly dismissed for being gullible and they angrily strike out.

So, as readers know – with over 1000 posts – I have a certain feeling about the UFO phenomena and their realness in most situations. My views are hardly conventional but since joining ITF – I think the direction of consensus is moving towards my thoughts about the phenomena. That said, hardly anybody has real solid thoughts on some of the most mysterious events – such as Cattle Mutilation seen in association with lights in the sky.

Since I intend to post a link to ITF about this post – I wanted to describe my perception of what could be held as a consensus of this group of dedicated folks. I’ll be interested in feedback about their perceptions of consensus too, so, let me begin.

1) In my years seeing all the ITF posts and all my 1,360 posts,  – from 2007 onward – NEVER has there been a legitimate photo of a UFO craft – NEVER. Not one post. In a world of EVERYONE having a camera in hand. Use common sense – either NO crafts exist in all these close encounters and neighborhood UFOs – or, cameras and human technology have yet to photograph what humans are perceiving. Indeed, the photo I use on my own FB UFO page, is supposedly what came from a NEAR up close UFO overhead experience…. where the person SAW A CRAFT

The “craft” looked nothing like this to him, yet, this is what the camera recorded.

2. The “history” of UFOs is shrouded with utter bullshit and disinformation from its earliest days – no hard evidence of anything UFO exists to prove otherwise.

3. Like UFO photos – also – NO legit videos of close up “craft” type objects exists. NONE. Nada – despite nearly everyone having a video camera in their pocket for the past decade. Please note that in these examples I refer to CRAFTS…not lights.

4. Videos of anomalous objects do exist and nearly all of them can be summed up by extensions of what is thought of as Orbs. Some of these Orbs are far up in the atmosphere and a few are near ground level. Some of these “repeat” Orbs are “localized” in some manner – with possibly the element of human consciousness involved.

From the “about” of ITF – This group is not intended for those who wish to fuel the perpetual machinery of hoaxes and disinformation that make our work much more difficult. “We observe and study – we document and capture – we share.”

Image may contain: 1 person, night and text

Since I only wanted to reflect what the consensus of the group was….I will not get involved…for now…in the areas of disagreement about the phenomena. 

What other areas of UFO consensus do you think exist?


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