UFO-Prophet: Boogie Man Podcast (Oct. 30, 2021): Interviews Michael Horn


The Curious Case of Billy Meier 

His Foresight on Long Corona, Covid-19 and the Vaccination Debacle 

Saturday is going to be a big night for the podcast as we’re having our buddy Michael Horn back on the podcast for just an hour to pick his brain about what we should expect the outcome to be regarding this  vaccination debacle. The last time he was on the podcast he blew our minds with future information regarding Covid-19 and the horrible effects form Long Covid. When he was on the program we had never even heard of Long Covid and now it’s a household name. It seems to me that every other person who had covid now has Long Covid and there doesnt’ seem to be any cure. That was some of the other information he let us know about far before anyone else.

This time when Michael comes we are going to stay away from UFOs, UAPs, abduction stories and the likes. We are sticking tightly too Covid, Coronavirus, Long Covid and what we should expect from these vaccinations. This is not going to be a program that chooses sides. The reason is because the damage to the world has already been done and there’s nothing we can do about it now.  The future information isn’t going to help us at this point. There’s no reason to kick the world while it’s down. Let’s just cover what we know in a positive and safe manner and attempt to move forward as a society to what we can possibly do with any new information that is helpful to humanity. There will be no “I told you so’s.” Actually I take that back – there may be. The reason being is Billy Meier has been telling the world about Coronavirus since 1947 when he printed it in a number or books, articles and journals.

After hearing all of this information plus more and seeing it all come to fruition I’ve asked Michael to come back in hopes he can drop something helpful on us as he did last time. This time I want everyone to stay away from validations, references, pointing fingers and calling people hoaxes and liars. Our country is in a huge pickle right now and we need to look in the most unlikely of places in order to find our answers. This is one of those times where we all need to NOT wait for our turn to speak and actually listen. Retain the information and move forward together and NOT divided.

This is no longer a time of people who got the vaccine vs. those who didn’t. This isn’t a seperation of color because Covid doesn’t care. This isn’t a division of race, religion or creed. This is a seperation of the informed and the ilinformed. I want to try my best to bring everyone up to speed so that we can put our heads together in order to help and lift one another up. We need to work together if we are ever going to make it anywhere with this stuff.

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