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It is always an honor to test one’s mettle against the best. By that I mean, an honor for you, of course. Not exactly much of a test for me.
―Tasu Leech, to Rodrigu Battle[7]

Tasu Leech was a human male assassin and pit fighter active during the Imperial Era and New Republic Era. Grew up on the Hutt colony planet Nar Kanji, Leech became one of the deadliest pit fighters in the fighting pits of Nar Kanji, being called a child prodigy. By the time the First Order rose to power, Leech held the title of topboss, leading the criminal organization Kanjiklub.

In 3 ABY, during the reign of the Galactic Empire; Leech was loaned by the Hutt Clan to protect the bounty broker Syphacc against the cyborg bounty hunter Beilert Valance. He proved himself capable of a fight, though Valance’s skill and armaments overwhelmed the young assassin. Sometime after his encounter with the cyborg, Leech fought a fellow pit fighter Rodrigu Battle and was hired by the bounty hunter T’onga, along with her wife Losha Tarkon to join her crew in an attempt to rescue the true heir of the Unbroken Clan, Cadeliah. Under the employment of T’onga, Leech did various jobs with the crew and formed a bond together. Despite their failure to rescue Cadeliah, he stuck around the crew.

However, a dilemma appeared when they were hired to protect the Pyke Syndicate at the Accretion Disco, which was responsible for killing the many people of Nar Kanji. The problem grew even bigger when he learned that the attackers were fellow people from Nar Kanji. He was given the option to kill his people or to kill the people who had wronged his people. Leech then killed the Pyke he was supposed to protect, Omel Sampak, after being told of the bombing committed under his command to a fight school on Nar Kanji, killing many students in their sleep. He later reached a breaking point after an ambush by the Inferno Squad at the black market spaceport Depatar. With T’onga’s blessing, Leech departed and left the crew.

Decades later, Leech, leading the Kanjiklub, came along with another criminal organization Guavian Death Gang and boarded the bulk freighter Eravana to confront the smuggler Han Solo and Chewbacca about their debts. Unbeknownst to everyone, the human scavenger Rey had accidentally freed a few rathtars from the freighter‘s cargo hold, causing chaos which ultimately killed Leech and other members of Kanjiklub in the process.


Early life[]

That’s Tasu Leech! He may look young, but he’s already the deadliest pit fighter out of Nar Kanji. I got him on loan from the Hutts.”
“Great…a child prodigy.
―Syphacc and Beilert Valance[5]

A young Tasu Leech arrogantly confronts Beilert Valance to a fight, underestimating the strength and ability of the deadly cyborg despite knowing his reputation.

Tasu Leech grew up on the Hutt colony world of Nar Kanji and became a brutal street fighter.[1] He was something of a child prodigy in his youth. Owned by the Hutts, he became the deadliest pit fighter out of Nar Kanji.[5] He had a best friend whom he once stabbed in the fighting pits, which he enjoyed doing.[8] At some point in his career, Leech had his opponent’s arterial spray on his face to keep himself warm during a cold day and caused the audience to scream and faint.[9] Outside of the fighting pits, Leech also worked as an assassin. He claimed that even the Hutts feared him. He spoke Jablogian,[5] refusing to speak a word of Galactic Basic Standard since he considered it a “soft language for soft people.”[1]

In 3 ABY,[10] during the reign of the Galactic Empire; he was loaned to the bounty broker Syphacc by the Hutts, and served as his protection against the cyborg bounty hunter Beilert Valance, who tracked Syphacc to the H’unn Cabaret Pit on the planet Nar Kaaga. Leech shot Valance, choosing the shoulder rather than the head in order to let his target know who had pulled the trigger. However, Valance used his palm blaster to disarm his attacker, and he and Leech fought hand-to-hand. Leech pulled two knives, but Valance threw the droid server Fournine-Jaytwelve into him, drawing blood. Leech refused to give up, but Valance head-butted him, knocking him out.[5]

Searching for Cadeliah[]

Hired assassin[]

Let’s go. I’m ready for a real challenge.”
“Oooh. I like him.
―Tasu Leech and Losha Tarkon[6]

Tasu Leech fights Rodrigu Battle

Sometime after the incident with Valance[5], Leech fought in the fighting pits of Nar Kanji against the muscle-bound Iridonian Zabrak Rodrigu Battle who was the undefeated champion of his class. The two challengers started fighting, with Leech defending strong blows from Battle. At an opportune moment, Leech cut the Zabrak’s arm attachment with his blades, making him surrender so as not to be killed. Battle swore that when he had his parts replaced, he would take him on, to which Leech replied that he would wait for that day, wishing him to be as well as possible.[6]

Leaving the pit, Tasu was approached by T’onga and her wife Losha Tarkon, who wanted to hire him on their crew to find and rescue the heir to the criminal syndicate Unbroken Clan Cadeliah. T’onga started the conversation by introducing herself but was shortly cut off by Leech, who said he already knew what the conversation was about. Syphacc already told him about the duo’s offer prior. Leech confidently accepted the job offer, saying that he was ready for a real challenge.[6]

After joining the crew, they boarded T’onga’s starship Edgehawk and went to the Gand floating sanctuary, an astronomical object located deep in the Outer Rim Territories,[6] looking for the Gand Findsman Zuckuss. Leech and the couple had to wear enviro-suits to breathe, due to the Ammonia composition at the place, which was actively eating through the suits as they stayed longer. Leech questioned the need for Zuckuss in the crew, though T’onga argued that he is deadlier than he looks. They finally met Zuckuss, sitting distraught after the loss of his droid friend and partner 4-LOM. Zuckuss told the rest that 4-LOM was reprogrammed to kill him. Despite the pain he was in, T’onga convinced the Gand to join the crew.[6]

The only lead[]

Haha, haha… I hope the Empire isn’t running out of Tie Fighters.
―Tasu Leech, after blowing up an Imperial TIE fighter[11]

Tasu Leech ambushed by Bossk, who he thought was unconscious.

Aboard the Edgehawk, Leech was bored, asking T’onga when he could kill someone. She asked him not to distract Zuckuss, as he was tracking Valance, who was the only connection the crew had to Cadeliah. She also explained the importance of the child, potentially reuniting the underworld as the true heir of both the Unbroken Clan and the Mourner’s Wail Syndicate. The Gand discovered that the cyborg was on the ice planet of Jekara. Tarkon was impressed with Zuckuss’ magic, though he admitted that he had put a tracker on the starship of the bounty hunter Dengar Punishing One, who was the last person seen together with Valance.[12]

Upon landing on the frigid planet, they discovered the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk’wassak’Cradossk tied to a rock. Zuckuss sensed that Bossk could be of use to the crew, though he took back his words, seeing the Trandoshan’s lifeless body in the cold. Leech rejoiced, claiming he could finally kill something, but T’onga stopped him, saying that the Trandoshan must be taken to a medical bay. Zuckuss noticed that his knife was missing, though others ignored it. Leech retorted that Bossk was dead weight, and his misery should end. He asked if the crew had already tasted sautéed Trandoshan liver with bantha butter. Leech’s overconfidence caused him to be clumsy, not realizing that Bossk had taken Zuckuss’ knife, holding Leech at knifepoint and saying that he would flay Leech, then Boba Fett and Beilert Valance. T’onga asked about Valance, and after a conversation, Bossk revealed that he saw the bounty hunter landing on Jekara,[12] and, after an agreement, Bossk released Leech and joined the crew.[11]


Tasu Leech mans the turret of the Edgehawk

Once again aboard the Edgehawk, the crew discovered where Valance was, in the Star Dreadnought Executor, Darth Vader‘s personal flagship. Leech took over the starship’s turrets, getting excited to finally be able to kill someone. They needed to get closer to the Star Dreadnaught to get in contact with Valance via an old smuggler’s frequency used by T’onga and Valance during their time with the Nautolan bounty hunter Nakano Lash and her crew. Their attempt to get closer without getting any suspicion was spoiled, as Leech blows up a TIE/ln space superiority starfighter that communicated with T’onga, thus initiating a pursuit of Edgehawk. Leech fired on the oncoming TIE fighters, as T’onga flew the ship closer into the Executor main hangar to rescue Valance, who was fleeing the flagship with a stolen jetpack. Zuckuss grabbed the cyborg’s hand, though mysteriously, the bounty hunter was pulled back by a strong force, separating his arm behind with the Gand. The crew was forced to leave Valance behind, who was stopped by the Sith Lord Darth Vader himself.[11]

Change of plans[]

Yesss! Finally, we get to stab something!”
“Heh. I’m sssstarting to like thisss kid.
―Tasu Leech and Bossk[13]

Tasu Leech and Bossk applaud Losha Tarkon on getting a kill.

After failing to rescue Valance at the Executor[11] and assuming the cyborg to be dead, Leech and the rest of the crew traveled to the Carbon Score Cantina on[13] the planet[14] Burnin Konn, to plan their next move. Tarkon told her wife that their crew was getting restless, but T’onga replied that they just needed to blow off some steam. Coincidently, a hive of Kerrakk enforcers invaded the cantina and announced a robbery attempt. T’onga quickly proceeded to punch a Kerrakk thug, starting a bar fight. Leech slid across the table in excitement, ready to fight the hive of thugs with a pair of knives in his hands, which then Bossk added that he was starting to like the young assassin and his enthusiasm. The crew easily won the fight with little to no effort. Leech also guided Tarkon in killing a Kerrakk by breaking its windpipe.[13]

The group then settled at a safe house in Ord Mantell City as a hideout as they continued to seek after Cadeliah’s whereabouts. Leech was getting bored watching Bossk’s legs grow back when T’onga returned to the hideout. She explained that Ord Mantell is no longer safe, noting that they need to keep moving, especially with the reemergence of the criminal syndicate Crimson Dawn. The Unbroken Clan had recently expelled another prominent criminal syndicate Black Sun from the planet, and they needed to find the missing girl before Crimson Dawn. Zuckuss then suggested that he get the solution to locate Cadeliah. The Gand told the crew to recover his old partner 4-LOM, who he claimed as the best slicer in the galaxy.[15]

Having no other options, T’onga agreed with Zuckuss’ idea. She then gave a speech about the upcoming struggle the crew will undoubtedly face before giving an option to each crew member at the end, to either go with or leave the crew, adding that whoever wished to tag along should be on the Edgehawk by nightfall. All of the crew members, including Leech accepted the offer to remain in the crew and recover 4-LOM.[15]

Recovering the killer droid[]

Stop complaining and stay sharp. Remember, try to avoid shooting the droid in the head. We need that.
No promises.
―T’onga and Tasu Leech, on hunting 4-LOM[8]

Tasu Leech and Bossk investigate a dummy that resembles Zuckuss.

Leech and the crew later arrived at the dangerous debris field Wreck Belt orbiting the planet Lotho Minor aboard the Edgehawk. As they saw more debris float around, Bossk started to regret his decision to join the crew. They approached a wrecked Hutt freighter, where the reprogrammed killer droid was last seen. T’onga shortly briefed the crew about their upcoming mission, calling 4-LOM a target, which offended Zuckuss, whom the Gand considered his best friend. Tarkon tried to calm him down, though Leech joined in to mock the Gand. Zuckuss reminded everyone that they needed the help of his droid friend to locate the missing girl and how dangerous 4-LOM had become since their last encounter,[8] who was reprogrammed to target the Gand.[16]

They broke into the hull of the freighter, noticing that the power was offline, with Bossk stating that it was an obvious trap. Zuckuss told the rest to let him talk the murderous droid down and for them to stay back, so as to not make the situation worse. The crew decided to split up to shorten the process of their investigation of the ship; Leech with Bossk, T’onga with her wife, and Zuckuss alone. Bossk and Leech discovered a broken blast door, prompting the Trandoshan to say that it was an even worse idea. The pair entered through the blast door to see a rough dummy resembling Zuckuss. Leech guessed that the droid missed his old partner, and they also found a powerful transmitter to potentially communicate with Zuckuss. Upon deeper investigation, Bossk noticed many stabbings all over the dummy and sent out a warning to the targeted Gand. Unfortunately, due to some kind of interference, Zuckuss did not get their message. The pair then ran in a hurry, looking for Zuckuss.[8]


Tasu Leech and Bossk fights a reprogrammed 4-LOM

Despite knowing the danger Zuckuss was in, Leech and Bossk still asked why they needed to save the troubled Gand. As the pair arrived, Zuckuss, along with the help of T’onga and Tarkon were battling the reprogrammed droid, which had a larger body and was surrounded by many extra limbs. Leech and Bossk then quickly joined the fight, distracting the droid. Leech admitted that it was the most fun he had since the stabbing of his best friend in the fighting pit. Bossk pulled out one of 4-LOM’s many limbs, though Zuckus immediately jumped in, stopping the rest of the crew from hurting his droid partner. Zuckuss slowly leaned on 4-LOM’s head, fully expecting to be betrayed by him, and proceeded to stun the assassin droid. He ripped the droid head and used it to[8] scan countless transmissions,[7] proving 4-LOM’s slicing capabilities. They eventually intercepted a message from Crimson Dawn, who had sent someone to capture the young girl. Unbeknownst to the crew, the criminal syndicate noticed and traced them back.[8]

Ambush on Corellia[]

Capturing Vukorah[]
You should let me do the talking, Bossk.
With your thick Jablogian accccccent, Tasu Leech? You’ll blow our cover.
I. Can. Speak. Basic. Just. Fine.
―Tasu Leech and Bossk, arguing over who should talk to Vukorah[7]

Tasu Leech and the rest of the crew meet Lady Proxima to work together against the Unbroken Clan.

Aboard the Edgehawk, the crew were sleeping as they head toward the[7] Core World planet[17] Corellia. They arranged a meeting with the leader of the White Worms Lady Proxima. Upon meeting with the Grindalid, T’onga asked for her help, stating that they have a common enemy, the Unbroken Clan; to which Proxima agreed. She provided some intel regarding the security and forces of the Unbroken Clan,[7] which General Vukorah had taken over from their previous leader, becoming the new grand leader.[8] The Unbroken Clan had grown significantly stronger since their partnership with Crimson Dawn, tilting the control of Coronet City from the White Worms.[7]

Following the information provided by Lady Proxima, the crew ambushed the Unbroken Clan, as they were doing a parade, showcasing their might and strength to the people of Coronet City. Bossk and Leech disguised themselves as Unbrokan Clan thugs to hand T’onga over to Vukorah. The grand leader greeted the captured bounty hunter to the city, claiming it as the Unbroken Clan Territory. T’onga mocked Vukorah and her leadership in the Unbroken Clan, causing the fall of the syndicate. She then reminded Vukorah about Cadeliah being the true heir of the Unbroken Clan, pissing her off. Vukorah quickly ordered the execution of T’onga, though the rest of the crew caused a commotion that startled the syndicate, starting a massive battle.[7]


Tasu Leech and Rodrigu Battle battle it out in a rematch since their last fight in the fighting pit

Amidst the chaos, Leech confronted Battle, who was hired by the Unbroken Clan as the personal bodyguard of Vukorah. The two proceeded to duel, though it did not last long with Leech fulfilling his promise not to cut the Zabrak’s arm, severing his right leg instead. Battle then fell from a high platform following the loss of one of his limbs. T’onga was able to subdue Vukorah, who needed more information regarding Cadeliah and Crimson Dawn’s intention with the girl. Emerging victorious from their battle, Leech told Bossk to savor the moment; though Bossk was unhappy and threatened to “savor” Leech’s fingers for touching him. As 4-LOM was en route to extract the crew with the Edgehawk, Tarkon warned the crew about more forces heading their way, calling their celebration too early.[7]

Escape from Coronet City[]
I don’t know why you are complaining. Killing all of her Unbroken Clan soldiers is going to be the enjoyable part.
―Tasu Leech, to T’onga[18]

Ending their premature celebration, T’onga asked how more Unbroken Clan members came, thinking that their comms were jammed. 4-LOM responded that they were a few minutes too late, which resulted in more Unbroken Clan soldiers learning about the chaos caused by the bounty hunters. The crew started to move again, with Leech and Bossk exchanging sarcastic remarks about their chance of survival. The crew hid as they were quickly stopped by more soldiers ahead. Just in time, Zuckuss barged in with a transport, giving the others a way out of the chaos.[18] However, just as Bossk tried to get in the transport, Zuckuss pushed the Trandoshan out and got out himself, sensing an impending danger. The transport exploded right after.[18]


Tasu Leech fights his way through Coronet City.

The crew continued their escape on foot. Leech led the way in front as Zuckuss and Bossk carried Vukorah, who was still unconscious. Zuckuss suggested that they just leave Vukorah behind, though Leech denied the suggestion, needing the information about Crimson Dawn and Cadeliah from her. They were later cornered by more soldiers and thugs, giving little to no option of escaping the city. Leech started to think of death which he did not mind, though he imagined a different way of dying, by taking down a rathtar with his bare hands. In a moment of desperation, Zuckuss pointed at a nuna merchant’s transport and suggested it as their way out, which T’onga did not mind. Leech and the rest fought their way through to the transport.[18]

Upon entering the transport, T’onga immediately started the engine and zoomed past soldiers and thugs. As they went through the city, Tarkon swung from the rooftop to the top of the food transport, catching up with the rest of the crew. More thugs started to catch up to the crew with speeder bikes, though most of them were stopped before getting any closer. T’onga made a quick turn before the transport was unknowingly destroyed by a missile from an Unbroken Clan soldier, causing everyone to fall over. T’onga suggested getting to the rendezvous point without any more surprises. Leech shot down a thug approaching T’onga from behind and made it an example of an unwanted surprise, with T’onga agreeing and thanking him. They then reached the rendezvous point, which was a landing platform, though neither the Edgehawk nor 4-LOM were anywhere to be seen. Despite everyone’s pessimism and anger, Zuckuss believed that his friend would pull through with the plan. Leech threatened to destroy 4-LOM given the chance, though Zuckuss continued to defend the droid.[18]


Leech and the rest stand brave against the Unbroken Clan forces.

Soon after, Unbroken Clan forces arrived and surrounded the crew. Running out of options, Bossk held Vukorah and threatened to kill her if the soldiers did not back off. An Unbroken Clan soldier called the Trandoshan’s attempt at leverage a “false bravado” and that they would take over if Vukorah was killed. The soldier added that they were trapped either way, but before they could finish their sentence, the Edgehawk finally emerged. 4-LOM opened fire at the soldiers and everyone boarded the ship, successfully escaping Unbroken Clan forces and subduing Vukorah.[18]

Unreliable ally[]

Hard to tell if you’re struggling to communicate…or just slow.
Say. That. Again.
Why? You have trouble understanding basic basic?
―Dengar and Tasu Leech[19]

Following their escape from Corellia, somewhere in the Mid Rim Territories; T’onga and Tarkon interrogated Vukorah in an attempt to pull information out of her. Unfortunately, Vukorah did not budge. The next day, T’onga learned that the leader of the Mourner’s Wail Syndicate Lord Khamdek was openly assassinated by the Crimson Dawn, losing her source of credit to pay the rest of the crew for their work and trust. Desperate, T’onga hired Dengar through Syphacc to crack Vukorah for information. Unknowingly, Dengar was the very individual who worked under Crimson Dawn and killed Khamdek. He was later picked up on[20] the Inner Rim planet[21] Milvayne.[20]


Dengar mocks Leech for his accent.

By the time they were near the Perlemian Trade Route, Dengar was already in arguments against T’onga and Tarkon. The bounty hunter boasted his knowledge of Crimson Dawn’s flagship, Vermillion, having visited the ship and survived. Leech called out Dengar for his arrogance which prompted Dengar to make fun of his thick Jablogian accent, calling it a “low-class accent.” The two exchanged heated words with Leech threatening to kill him, but he was not able to because of their current situation needing Dengar. In anger and rage, Leech slashed his knife onto the ship instead. Dengar then exchanged a few more remarks with the others before finally entering another room to interrogate Vukorah. Given the pair were under the same employment of Crimson Dawn, Dengar gave a knife to Vukorah as they hatched a plan, of which the crew was unaware.[19]

The bounty hunter later came out with new information about the whereabouts of the Vermillion, seemingly successful in obtaining information from Vukorah. Dengar led them to the Bilbousa Spaceport on the[19] planet[22] Nal Hutta. He proceeded to inform the others that the Vermillion was there for a rendezvous with Crimson Dawn agents and offered himself to go look for a way into the flagship. As Dengar left the Edgehawk, Leech shared his distrust in him, which T’onga agreed with. However, she reassured him about Dengar’s loyalty, being able to be paid in credits. Dengar then returned with disguises for everyone. The crew disguised themselves as pilgrims and left Tarkon behind to keep an eye on Vukorah. Dengar led the crew into the Vermillion by setting up an explosion, distracting the guards. Inside the ship, the bounty hunter directed them to a turbolift and left the crew behind, claiming that he was not paid to cover for them any further.[19]


Tasu Leech and Bossk break into the Vermillion.

Soon after departing from the rest, Dengar set off an alert, outing the crew and their disguise. Meanwhile, in the turbolift, T’onga warned everyone to be prepared. The moment the blast door slid open, Leech called Dengar a liar as a multitude of Crimson Dawn agents attempted to gun the crew down. The crew was caught off guard and took cover. However, Leech hurdled toward the oncoming forces and attacked the soldiers. The crew soon turned the tide around, with Leech and Bossk complementing each other’s ability in the heat of battle. As the chaos ended, 4-LOM suspected they were sent to a trap by Dengar, with Leech confirming his previous suspicion of Dengar and his loyalty.[19]

Close encounter[]

You got heart, kid. I’ll enjoy carving it out of you.
―Ren, to Tasu Leech[23]

Just after their fight, they were immediately confronted by the Knights of Ren,[19] a group of dark side warriors.[24] Despite the crew’s sense of uneasiness and danger, Leech was distracted by unimportant things such as comparing his muscles to Ren‘s,[23] the leader of the knights.[25] Without hesitation, Ren drew out his lightsaber and said that the knights needed to work out their aggression. At that moment, Bossk realized who he was facing, shooting his blaster without any hesitation. The two groups then opened fire at each other back and forth. Out of nowhere, Leech shouted for everyone to wait. He took off his shirt and armor, rendering him shirtless, and pulled out a pair of beskar-laced blades. He challenged Ren to a duel, surprising everyone including Ren himself. He accepted Leech’s offer and even acknowledged Leech’s fighting spirit as they approached one another.[23]


Leech was pulled away from continuing his fight against Ren.

As the fight continued, T’onga instructed the crew to hold the knights off until 4-LOM was able to get the blast door open. Ren took notice of the beskar laced on Leech’s blades, which he claimed to obtain from one of his opponents in the fighting pits. In exchange, Leech took an interest in Ren’s lightsaber. Leech and the rest of the crew put up a good fight though, despite their best effort, they were outmatched. Ren swung his saber against Leech’s blade, breaking it as a result. Ren suggested the young fighter take blades from a real Mandalorian instead. Leech responded that he did not need a weapon to defeat the knight. Zuckuss called the assassin and threw him a vibro-scythe belonging to another knight, Vicrul, saving Leech as he closely parried a strike from Ren. Successfully opened the blast door, 4-LOM called out for the others to evacuate quickly because the systems were starting to reboot.[23]

Despite his desire to continue the fight against Ren, Leech was then dragged away into the exit by Zuckuss and Bossk as the blast door shut closed. Bossk reminded the kid that surviving an encounter with the Knights of Ren was a win. Unfortunately for the crew, the blast door started to get compromised as a glowing lightsaber pierced through it slowly. Under their current condition, Zuckuss warned T’onga that continuing the mission was a death wish. T’onga agreed and took all of the responsibilities to herself, ordering the others to return to Tarkon aboard the Edgehawk. Unbeknownst to Leech and the others, Vukorah had freed herself with a knife that was given by Dengar.[23]

Revenge and failure[]

«I’d rather you spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder knowing one day, I’ll come back to finish the job.»
―Tasu Leech, to Dengar[26]

Leech gets his revenge

At Bilbousa Spaceport while on his way back to the Edgehawk, Leech caught Dengar, who was spying on all the people he backstabbed while waiting for a pickup by his partner, Manaroo. Speaking Jablogian, he referred to Dengar as a rat infestation before kicking him senseless. Dengar drew out his knife, though Leech still apprehended him. The young assassin gave various threats and warnings to Dengar, though he did not understand due to the language barrier. Dengar attempted to tackle Leech but was taken down instead. Leech held the beaten bounty hunter up as he begged for mercy, claiming that he would finish the job one day.[26]

As soon as he went aboard the Edgehawk, Leech learned about the death of Tarkon’s nexu pet Furball which was killed by Vukorah who also managed to escape her confinement. T’onga soon returned from Vermillion, though Cadeliah was nowhere to be seen with her. Saddened by their failure, T’onga and Tarkon hugged as the rest stood behind.[26] T’onga later informed Leech of the job opportunity given by Qi’ra. Despite needing credits, T’onga held off on giving in to Qi’ra and Crimson Dawn. With bounties very far and few between, T’onga took a job for the criminal Pyke Syndicate instead.[9]

Conflict of interest[]

I mean, working for the Pykes is as likely to put a knife on your back as money in your pocket.
―Tasu Leech, on the Pyke Syndicate[9]

Sometime later while en route to their next job, Leech told Zuckuss about the stories of his days in the fighting pits, including the time when he sprayed his opponent’s artery onto his face during a cold day. He tried to change T’onga’s mind about working under the Pykes. He asked for her to reconsider the offer made by Crimson Dawn but was immediately shut down. Using Jablogian, Leech spoke against the Pykes’ cruelty toward his people on Nar Kanji. When T’onga asked to repeat, he deflected the question with what their upcoming job was. Bossk entered just in time as T’onga was briefing them about their job. The mission was to protect the Pyke gangster Omel Sampak and his entourage alive while they celebrated at the space station Accretion Disco over their victory against a rival. As they approached the Crseih Black Hole, where the space station orbited, Bossk complained about a strange feeling in his stomach.[9]


Leech meets the Pyke who employs the crew.

After they landed on Accretion Disco, they were greeted by a group of Pykes. One of the Pykes called the crew out for being late before taking notice of Leech and mocked the assassin for being a pit fighter. T’onga defended Leech by calling him the best chance of protecting the client, which the Pyke dismissed. Upon entering the space station, the crew was greeted by a massive party. Keeping his focus, Leech kept an eye on anyone potentially starting a havoc on the station.[9]

They then finally met up with Sampak, who was lounging in the VIP section. He stood up and complained about the crew, calling them “filth.” But they were the only group of people who were desperate enough to take a job on short notice. Similarly, Sampak noticed Leech and inspected him closer, accusing the young assassin of potentially being a Nar Kanji assassin and comparing his accent to theirs. Before their pleasant conversation could go any further, T’onga called out Kanji Gang assassins who took out their blasters. As the shoot-out happened, Bossk got the crew and Pykes behind cover while Leech instructed Sampak to get down. T’onga told Zuckuss and 4-LOM to take control of the upper level and Bossk to hold the frontline while she and Leech took their client to safety. T’onga ordered Leech and 4-LOM to clear a path and take Sampak to a safe room, which they did.[9]


Leech kills the client

Separated from the droid, Leech and the client found themselves surrounded by gangsters. A gangster within them recognized Leech’s fighting style. They told the young assassin that they were also hailed from Nar Kanji. The gangster offered Leech to join them instead of working under the Pykes. When the young assassin responded that he was fighting for his friends, they told him about the crew’s inevitable betrayal and the bombing of a fight school on Nar Kanji under the order of Sampak, which killed students in their sleep. The gangster continued to press on Leech, asking if working for a monster could be considered an honor. The gangsters told Leech that they would be waiting, leaving the young assassin and his client behind. Soon after, T’onga and Tarkon caught up with Leech, but to their surprise, he had killed the client himself.[9]

Veering into oblivion[]

All right. All right. I suppose some of this is my fault.
―Tasu Leech[27]

Leech’s action angered the couple, but he offered to pass on the blame to the Kanji gangsters instead. However, before they could pass the blame, alarms were immediately set off throughout the station after the Pykes witnessed Leech’s action against their boss through a CCTV system monitoring the area which outed the entire crew as Sampak’s killer. The Kanji gangster who confronted Leech earlier smiled at the sound of the alarm, knowing that the young assassin had killed the client. They saw potential in Leech and planned to tell their bosses about him, before leaving the space station.[27]

When more Pykes came into the room, Leech admitted that he was somewhat responsible for the situation they were in. He teased Tarkon for her violence as she aggressively hit many Pykes down. Her anger spiraled into a state of regret for not being able to prevent Furball’s death in the past, which prompted T’onga to comfort her wife with a hug. The tender moment was interrupted by Leech as he suggested the couple get out of the station. Somewhere else in the club, 4-LOM entered the engineering chamber and sabotaged the station’s engine, causing its stabilizers to shut off. The droid warned the rest of the crew to escape the station before it completely veered into the black hole‘s gravitational pull.[27]


The crew in a relief, having survived an encounter with the Pykes and a black hole.

On their way back to the Edgehawk, they stumbled upon the support staff of the club. The crew decided to save the people from dying, despite Leech fighting against the idea in case any of them turned out to be Pyke loyalists. T’onga acknowledged his concerns, though she asked to have the arguments after they had boarded the ship instead. As he approached the docking bay, Leech took down another Pyke and regrouped with the rest. He boarded the ship and strapped in. T’onga piloted the ship and took off, though the ship was pulled by the gravitational pull of the black hole. Pieces of scraps were peeled off as T’onga continued to accelerate against the pull. The moment it was free from the gravitational force, the Edgehawwk jumped into hyperspace. In the cockpit, Leech high-fived Bossk in excitement, having killed many Pykes and gotten away with it. 4-LOM then calculated that the Pyke Syndicate was unable to broadcast the chaos that happened on board the Accretion Disco. Zuckuss also added that any proof of their involvement disappeared into the black hole.[27]

Bedlam on Bestine IV[]

When do we get to kill someone?
“Zuckuss guesses friend Tasu Leech was not a particularly attentive student as a hatchling.
I learned everything I need to know in the fighting pits.
―Tasu Leech and Zuckuss[28]

Having lost their only job, T’onga was forced to contact Crimson Dawn about their job offer. With no other option, she reluctantly accepted it. When asked about the job,[27] the Crimson Dawn advisor[29] Imroosian Margo[30] told them to sabotage an oncoming supply shipment at an Imperial outpost on the planet[27] Bestine IV.[31] Sometime later, T’onga briefed the rest of the crew about their upcoming mission as they were approaching the stormy planet. An Imperial outpost located at the island of Jahnae rumored to be a top-secret weapons research and development facility that drove most denizens offworld, except for one village which had been utilized as a hiding location for insurgents against the Empire. According to Crimson Dawn intel, a transport of munitions was coming to aid the destruction of the village, which would end the insurrection. Leech interrupted the briefing, being eager to kill someone during the mission with Zuckuss calling the young assassin inattentive. Leech then responded that he learned everything he needed to know through the fighting pits. Lastly, T’onga reminded everyone not to get complacent since they were heading into unknown territory beyond the intel.[28]

Landed at their rendezvous point, the crew was introduced to the extreme stormy weather and greeted by Crimson Dawn agents who were somewhat disappointed that the criminal organization had only sent a few bounty hunters to aid their efforts. Without wasting any time, T’onga ordered everyone to get on speeder bikes and went to the Imperial transport after it had just made its landfall. Having boarded the transport with a grappling hook, Leech decapitated two shoretroopers who were guarding the cargo. They then spread out to plant bombs around the ship. Leech, paired with Bossk, skulked and complained about being bored. The Trandoshan reminded Leech to keep focus, but he was struggling to hear anything due to their position being located near the transport’s engine. Out of nowhere, Leech was struck and thrown off to the side of the ship by another Trandoshan[28] Tanka. As the rain continued pouring down, Leech hung on the slippery side of the transport while Bossk fought the other Trandoshan. Leech used his knife to climb up the wall and saw Tanka knocked off the transport. After Leech reached back up to the platform, he and Bossk went after the others to warn them about the intruders.[27]

However, in their attempt to warn the rest, they were all caught and held by Imperial forces, except for T’onga.[32]

Leading Kanjiklub[]

Tasu Leech. Good to see you.
«Wrong again, Solo. It’s over for you, and for your associate.»
―Han Solo and Tasu Leech, the former unexpecting the entrance of the latter[3]

Eventually, the human colonists of Nar Kanji overthrew their overlords and struck out on their own, leaving the colony world in disarray. Leech became[33] the topboss[34] of Kanjiklub, having defeated many would-be usurpers to his command under the Kanjiklub tradition that[33] the topboss[34] could be challenged to combat by his underlings for control of the position. Leech rarely thought beyond their next raid and wasn’t one for elaborate plans.[33]

In 33 ABY,[35] the smuggler Han Solo attempted to deliver cargo for Kanjiklub, but failed and left Leech’s gang empty-handed. He borrowed money to complete a risky cargo haul of rathtars for King Grevoth Prana IX, but the organization took issue with the risks he took with their capital.[33] One year later, in 34 ABY,[36] Leech was at the Sliver on the planet Kaddak, along with Lieutenant Razoo Qin-Fee and other Kanjiklubbers, he overheard the Resistance protocol droid C-3PO informing Commander Poe Dameron that Solo had also borrowed a significant sum of money from the Guavian Death Gang in order to fund his smuggling operations. Angered by the information, Leech confronted Bala-Tik‘s gang, trading heated words before coming to an accord. Making a deal, the two gang leaders shook hands,[37] finding common ground in their mutual hatred of Solo.[33]


Tasu Leech and other Kanjiklub enforcers

Sometime later,[36] Leech led Kanjiklub enforcers in a confrontation with Solo aboard his Baleen-class heavy freighter Eravana,[33] joining the Guavians in cornering him inside his ship. However, their attempt to make Solo pay was interrupted when the scavenger Rey accidentally released multiple rathtars from the bulk freighter‘s cargo hold. The beasts rampaged through the ship, eating Kanjiklubbers and Guavians alike,[3] including Leech, who was ultimately killed amidst the chaos.[2]

Personality and traits[]

What are you whining about, Bossk? This is the most fun I’ve had since I stabbed my best friend in the fighting pits.
You’re ssssstarting to worry me, kid.
―Tasu Leech and Bossk[8]

Tasu Leech in the fighting pits of Nar Kanji

Tasu Leech enjoyed violence.[8] He preferred to show victims his face before killing them.[5] He was a brutal street fighter and refused to speak Galactic Basic Standard, dismissing it just a “soft language for soft people.”[1] Even though he could speak Basic,[19] Leech preferred to speak[1] Jablogian[5] and let his “Huttsplitter” blaster rifle do the talking.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

«You…you are Tasu Leech. I recognize your fighting style.»
―A Nar Kanji gangster, to Tasu Leech[9]

Growing up on the streets of Nar Kanji, Leech became proficient in close-quarters combat. He was agile, making him a harder target to hit.[6] Leech could perform a nerve cluster punch.[4] He spoke Jablogian natively but was able to communicate in Basic with a thick accent.[19]


Interesting. What’s a slug rat like you doing with a beskar-laced blade?
I took it out of the dying grasp of an opponent in the fighting pits. Hmm. I like your laser sword…
―Ren and Tasu Leech[23]

Tasu Leech wielded a variety of close-range weaponry like knives.[6][13] He used a pair of beskar-laced blades during his visit to the Vermillion, which was then destroyed during his fight against Ren.[23] By the time he led the Kanjiklub, he utilized the “Huttsplitter” blaster rifle, custom-made by his lieutenant, Razoo Qin-Fee, with a gundark bone grip and a narglatch tusk vibro-spike under the barrel. He wore lightweight armor to avoid impeding agility, and a plastoid blast jerkin.[33]

Behind the scenes[]

Tasu Leech was portrayed by Yayan Ruhian in the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, the first installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.[3]


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